Review: Coco Licious Booty Beads

Inexpensive and well sized, these anal beads do the job. I usually use my Njoy Pure Plug , but I found the transition to beads to be quite enjoyable. Anal play is relatively new pleasure of mine and having only used plugs in the past, the thought of a toy that is meant to be used rather than worn was quite exciting.

I purchased Coco Licious Booty Beads by CalExotica in the colour pink on a whim at Venus Envy. The price was right at $19.95 (yes, you can get it cheaper on Amazon) and they seemed like a safe bet for beginner bead play.

The Booty Beads are made up of four silicone balls starting at 3/4″ in width, scaling up to 1.25″ at its largest point. The smallest ball is around twice the size of a pinky finger, which makes this product a great step-up for beginners and as a warm up toy. The beads are topped with a retrieval ring and comes in colours black and pink. Soft and smooth to the touch, the whole product is made out of phthalate-free silicone.

Before inserting into my ass, I decided (very randomly) to try using the toy vaginally. Surprisingly the toy worked wonderfully for this purpose as well. The beads are flexible due to the pieces of silicone between the balls and was able to curve up to stimulate my g-spot. After enjoying the Booty Beads in my pussy, I decided it was a great time to try them for their intended purpose.

Since the first two beads are less sturdy, due to their size, it required a bit of an effort for insertion. However, once they popped in I was able to control the beads how I wanted. Slowly sliding the beads in at half length first (to warm up), then the full 4.5″ length and pulling them out again created a euphoric sensation. The beads glided so smoothly that there is no discomfort or pain at the “pop” of the beads being removed.

As much as the Booty Beads made me melt, they felt like the opening act to a much more exciting toy. The biggest bead is equal width to my Njoy Pure Plug medium (review coming soon!) but since the beads don’t carry the 7 oz’s my plug contains it leaves much to be desired. Used in conjunction with clit play enhanced the overall experience and was able to make me cum. Another annoyance I found was that the beads could easily slip out when changing positions. However, the toy was not designed for plug potential so I definitely won’t hold this hangup against the beads.

All in all, the Booty Beads provide very enjoyable experience. Ideally, they are best used paired with clit stimulation, to be used for beginners looking to go a little larger  or as a warm up to larger anal toys. The stimulation from the penetration and the removal of the beads allow for a pleasant massage but left me with a wanting for bigger or more heavy toys.

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