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Everyone remembers their first love, and I’m lucky enough to be still able to play with mine on occasion. The Ina 2 by Lelo was my first ever high-end sex toy purchase, and I still remember how excited I was to receive it in the mail four years ago from Pink Cherry Canada.

My first sex toy order was a mistake on my part. I hadn’t done any research on materials or trusted manufacturers, but I quickly realized due to their chemical scents that the sex toys I had ordered were unsafe. After this realisation, I decided to splurge on my first high-end sex toy. I had negotiated with myself that getting a more expensive vibrator that would last longer and feel better was the best route to take. Even as a high school student with not much money, looking back I have no regrets as the Ina 2 is still (literally) running strong. 

The Ina 2 is a rabbit-style, fully waterproof vibrator. It’s made of phthalate-free, silky smooth silicone and has a plastic base/handle, providing internal vaginal and external clitoral stimulation. The Ina 2 is rechargeable and has eight powerful, but quiet vibration modes. Two of the eight vibrating modes allows for you to use the clit piece and the dildo part in separate, having one buzzing while the other remain silent. The modes and levels of power are operated by four buttons on the handle. The Ina 2 comes in three different colours: purple, orange and green. The manufacturer, Lelo, is a reputable high-end sex toy company and has been known to produce quality, long lasting toys. All their products are packaged in a sleek black box including the toy, a charger, a silk bag and sample lube. 

The curved dildo part of the Ina 2 provides great g-spot stimulation when using thrusting motions. It finds my g-spot perfectly and reliably vibrates me to an intense orgasm. The vibration mode that just makes the dildo part vibrate consistently is the one I use most, as the steady vibrations don’t interfere with trying to cum. I find the other modes distracting as they’re not the way I like to be stimulated, but they could very much work for someone else. The dildo part is a good enough size to feel filled while also not needing to use another toy before as a transition. And as a student living in a shared house, I find that the Ina 2 is able to stay quiet while providing impactful vibrations.

While I love the g-spot stimulation, the clit piece of the toy does nothing for me. I find the piece rests in an odd spot on my vulva and doesn’t have as strong as vibrations as it’s dildo counterpart. When I use thrusting movements to penetrate the clit piece awkwardly mashes into my vulva (an unsexy feeling btw). To avoid this I use a finger to prop it up as to not hit me, or I move it out of the way so I can use my fingers to get some actual clit stimulation. I also just use the modes that only turn on the dildo part of Ina 2.


My preferred way of using the Ina 2 is actually as a clit vibrator, rather than its intended use as a rabbit. Using the head of the dildo on my clit allows me to get the most out of the strong vibrations. The eight modes of variations of vibrations feel better when used spread out over my whole clit, versus when used internally to stimulate my g-spot.

Despite it not being the perfect rabbit vibrator, I still carry a lot of love for the Ina 2. It’s reliable and comfortable, much like an old sweater on a cold day. It was my first high-end sex toy and first vibrator, so that does add into why I like it so much. While it has provided me with many intense g-spot orgasms, I would be more prone to recommend a good dildo and a separate clit vibrator so that your experience can be more customizable.


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  1. I tried one of these once but it felt like it pinched my clit! I guess really it just goes to show how varied the vulvas of the world can be.

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