Review: Spunky by Ohhh Bunny

I wish I could say that I chose this toy because of all the raving reviews I read and all the research I’d done. NOPE. I bought it because it looked absolutely adorable and had seemingly strong vibrations when I tested in Venus Envy. However, because I’ve found no reviews since buying it, I thought I’d be the first to share the adventure of the Spunky with the world!spunky

The Spunky is a bunny shaped finger vibrator made by a new brand to the toy industry, Ohhh Bunny. The Spunky is a splashproof, USB rechargeable finger vibrator with five vibrations modes. It’s controlled by one inconspicuous button at the base (or bum) of the bunny figure. It has a ring so that you can attach it to your finger and comes in two colours: Perfectly Purple or Pretty in Pink. The toy is 3.5″ by 1.5″, is made with silky smooth, phthalate-free silicone and has quiet vibrations.

Ohhh Bunny’s whole line is inspired by the namesake of one of the most popular vibrator types, the rabbit. While the actual bunny shape of the original rabbit design is not the most pleasurable factor of that vibrator style, Ohhh Bunny reinvents the concept with safe materials and new high-quality designs (which also happen to be ADORABLE).

Regarding usage, I have mixed feelings about the Spunky. When I first purchased it was my first clit only toy, so I did not have much to compare it to other than my Lelo 2 which I used as my main clit vibe. The Spunky has semi-strong vibrations for it’s size, but they become dulled down as they travel down the ears and onto my clit which gives off more of a tingly feeling. I found that although this vibe never guaranteed an orgasm for me, it definitely aided in my masturbatory sessions. I was traveling at the time that I bought it, so I found its size and quiet noise level great for having to be in the same vicinity as my family. It even came with a cute pouch so I could store it in my suitcase on the way home.Spunky_bag

The Spunky had the potential to get me off before, but since receiving the Magic Wand Rechargeable (review coming soon!) in the mail, my body has had a change of heart. I’ve discovered that my body is more favourable to rumbly, large area vibrations vs the pinpoint tingly feeling the Spunk has to offer. Although it cannot make me reach orgasm anymore, I find it great for teasing. If I am having a busy night doing homework, I use the Spunky with one had to get my clit a little excited for when I’m finished my work and ready to move on to toys that I know will fulfill my needs.

A downfall the Spunky has is that its finger ring doesn’t fit my finger! I can get it on because of the semi-stretchy silicone, but it’s uncomfortable. This might not be a problem for everyone (maybe it’s due to my chubby fingers?). I can still use it without using the ring, so it is not a major inconvenience but I think that Ohhh Bunny should have at least upped the ring size by a couple of notches to accommodate a wider range of finger sizes.Spunky_finger

All in all, I’ll definitely be keeping the Spunky around for those moments when I need a little tease as I find it’s great for a little extra fun to a mainly hand-centered masturbatory session. It’s well made and designed but for my preference, it doesn’t have the ability to get me off anymore. I’ll still be checking out the rest of the Ohhh Bunny line, as the semi-strong vibrations of the vibrator itself gives me hope.

You can check out the other products Ohhh Bunny offers, like the Frisky vibrating cock ring or the Foxy clitoral vibe over at Pink Cherry.

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  1. That’s really cute for a finger vibe! I can totally see that being a good intro vibe or a way to find out what type of stimulation you like.

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