Sexxit: A Guide to’s Sexiest Subreddits

sexxit is a popular forum based website that works in separate subsections (called subreddits). Users can submit content and discussions based on the theme of the subreddit and since the site is so popular, there are over 800 thousand subreddits to browse! This means that almost every topic imaginable (even thousands of sexy ones) are covered. Here is my guide to my top 5 sexy subreddits!

r/Sex is the super hub for all things sex related on Reddit. It’s a discussion post centered community for every sex and sexuality topics. It’s non-judgemental and civilized so that all types of questions and situations can be talked about. It’s probably the best place to get advice in regards to sex, as the community is diverse and knowledgeable. There’s a wiki guide that contains popular topics and techniques, with links to other sources for learning. Personally, I use it as a way to view other people’s perspectives and problems that I wouldn’t normally get to learn about. It’s a great to have a sex-positive community to go to for experiences and advice. r/bdsmcommunity is a comparable subreddit, for all your BDSM needs.

This one is a bit of an obvious choice. r/Sextoys is a place for people to ask for recommendations and advice on buying and maintaining sextoys! It’s a small but mighty community and is frequented by a couple of sex toy review veterans who can help guide you to safe purchases. Whether you’re wondering how to clean your silicone anal beads, or asking whether or not to spend your money on a Magic Wand, r/sextoys has your back. There’s also weekly deal threads so members can share their found discounts on toys. You can also find links to giveaways as well.

Honestly, r/gonewildstories has taken over my masturbation sessions. Reading sexy, real stories submitted by other users makes it really easy to get turned on. Lots of submitters are well spoken and write about a diverse amount of sexual fantasies so they have stories for everyone. The community is inspired by r/gonewild and r/ladybonersgw which are subreddits where users submit sexy pictures. The erotic stories at r/gonewildstories have never failed to help me get off. They have some excellent content.

r/Passionx is one of Reddit’s many porn sharing subreddits. This one, in particular, is geared toward women and couples, focusing on heterosexual porn that is passionate and believable. The compilation of gifs and video links makes it easy to avoid some of the extreme porn showcased on the majority of porn websites. That being said r/passionx still has a good amount of kink. Just because something fulfills a fetish, doesn’t mean it can’t be passionate, right? As someone who likes to masturbate to sensual sex, this subreddit is a surefire way to find a video that turns me on. There are lots of other subreddits that cater to every type of porn. For a comparable, passionate more diverse subreddit, check out r/chickflixxx.

If you like to laugh and have a dirty mind (which I assume you do, as you’re reading this) then you’ll probably enjoy r/cospenis. r/Cospenis is a subreddit where users can submit pictures and gifs of their penis’ dressed up in costumes. It’s probably not the sexiest thing (at least for me) but it never fails to put a smile on my place.

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