Review: Njoy Pure Plug (Medium)


The one word that always comes to mind is “umph” when thinking about my Njoy Pure Plug. It’s strikingly beautiful, well designed and of exquisite quality. That along with the immediate sensation of fullness and pleasure I receive when putting it in my butt makes the Pure Plug a staple in my sex toy collection.

The Pure Plug in medium is made out of 100% stainless steel and weighs 7 oz. At the largest point is 1.25” in diameter and is 2.5” in height. It has a tapered head for comfort and a slim handle base for easy removal and retention. The design of the plug itself is flawlessly beautiful and looks like a sculpture that could be featured at a modernist museum. Just like other Njoy toys, it even comes in an adorable black wooden box, with a hot pink silk padding which silhouettes the shape of the toy.PurePlug_BoxOpen

When I first purchased the Pure Plug around a year ago, I was relatively new to anal play. Even though my ass was only accustomed to a partner’s fingers, I decided to purchase the plug in its medium size and I’m happy to say that was a great decision. In medium specifically, the Pure Plug offers a perfect size for people who have already explored their butt and are looking to jump into getting a toy. Njoy offers the plug in small and large as well, but if you consider yourself familiar with your posterior, then you might find you outgrow the small size rather quickly.

Since the stainless steel is polished and glossy, the Njoy Pure Plug doesn’t need much lube to glide into your asshole. I found that even the first time I used it, I didn’t need any warm-up (although you might). At the same time though the plug does not compromise the feeling of fullness. As soon as it enters me I feel filled right away and quenched for my everlasting thirst for butt play. That may sound like an exaggeration, but the plug is just that good.

The Pure Plug is designed fittingly for wear as well. Its weight makes the toy noticeable when walking around but the glossiness of the stainless steel combined with the tapered head makes it comfortable for walking, standing and even sitting! The base is formulated so that it stops the plug from slipping out (or in!) but fits with ease between the cheeks so you can go throughout your day without pain.PurePlug_Close

Using the plug for double penetration was also quite enjoyable, but not preferred to using it solo (with or without a clit vibe). Although it’s pleasurable for using with a partner or internal toy, I almost felt too overwhelmed with fulfillment. This might be a feeling some like, but I prefer the ability to focus on separate sensations and I felt like I could not do that when using the Pure Plug with double penetration. However, I still use it for that purpose if I’m really craving an intense feeling and getting my ass ready for something bigger.

I don’t have enough heart-based emoji’s in my phone to begin to describe the feelings the Njoy Pure Plug makes me have! It’s streamlined visual design in addition to it’s fulfilling sensations, make it a must have. If you’re into butt play in any shape or form I believe that purchasing one (in your preferred size) is a worthwhile investment.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning the size comparison! I was deciding between the small and the medium and I decided to go with medium and I am so glad I did!

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