Review: The Bandit by Vixen Creations

Late last year I decided I would treat myself to a Christmas present. I looked at my collection and realized that I was missing one crucial item: A DILDO. I did some researching as I wanted to get myself one of the best available and stumbled across the mouthwateringly gorgeous Bandit by Vixen Creations.

DSC_0219The Bandit is a dual-layer 100% VixSkin silicone dildo. This means that there is a harder layer of silicone in the middle of the toy to keep it sturdy while an outer layer of squishy silicone allows for give and a realistic feeling. The Bandit measures 7 ¼ in length by 1 ¾ in width with balls at the base and a curved shaft. This is a toy that makes you wet just by looking at it.

First things first, let’s address Bandit’s size. At first the girth and length can seem pretty intimidating, but if you have a love for thick cock like I do then it can be done. I suggest starting with a different toy for warm up, whether that be a good clit vibe or a smaller dildo/vibrator. In regards to length, the Bandit actually fills me up. In full range, it has the ability to hit my A-Spot perfectly as it curves right into place. If inserted only ¾ of the way it allows for some great G-Spot stimulation as well.DSC_0207

Once I’m properly warmed up, the Bandit doesn’t take long to make me come. The VixSkin silicone is what makes this dildo so amazing. VixSkin is a premium medical grade silicone made by Vixen Creations specifically. It’s soft and silky skin honestly feels like the closest thing to an actual cock. The thickness of the toy, along with the satisfying give of outer layer of squishy silicone makes every clench sooo indulging. The skin is climate sensitive as well so if you want to heat up or cool down the toy in water it will retain the temperature and heat up with your body as you use it!

squishOne of my favourite aspects of this toy is actually the head. The internal layer of hard silicone stops right before the head begins, so the head is all yummy squishiness. This makes it ultra comfortable when I’m pounding away at my pussy. I use the frenulum detail against my clit in between thrusts for added pleasure. When the ridges rub my clit, I get shivers down my spine.

I only have two small gripes about the Bandit. The texture of the skin seems to love to attract fuzzies but this is a minuscule price to pay for the excellent VixSkin feel. It’s easy enough to take care of as well, as you can just run the toy under water to take off any dust. The other suggestion I have is that I wish the veins on the shaft were more pronounced. Vixen Creations has other dildos with more distinct details, so I wish they could have applied that to the Bandit so it could feel even better.

Gripes aside, I am in love with the Bandit. It has all the major qualifications a dildo lover could want: a realistic feel, a fulfilling size, and a curve that hits all the right places. That added with the delightful VixSkin makes it the perfect toy to treat yourself too. I’m excited to explore the rest of the line that Vixen Creations offers.

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