Review: Pleasure Works Bullseye

Bullseye (2 of 1)Having never owned a non-realistic or a G-spot specific dildo before, I was very curious and eager to try out the Pleasure Works Bullseye.

The Bullseye is an unrealistic, G-spot (or P-spot) specific silicone dildo. It measures 5 ½” long, has a diameter of 1 ¼” at the shaft and a diameter of 1 ⅝” at the head. The toy is harness compatible, anal safe and phalphate free making it a well-rounded toy for many types of usage. It is available in Pearly White or Merlot.

The Bullseye sports a sleek design featuring a prominent curve ending in a thick, bulbous head. When I first took it out of its box, I was taken by the pearlescent white colouring. It almost has a slight green / blue glow, which looks gorgeous! I also was surprised as it looked bigger than I expected it to be, but not entirely in a bad way.

Bullseye (1 of 1)The silicone used for the Bullseye is very firm, and although I’m more favourable of dildos with a bit of squish, when the toy is lubed up (or I’m already warmed up) the firmness and size doesn’t bother me at all! I find that the durability of the silicone makes it better for stimulating my G-spot and that if the material was more flexible, than it would lose the power it packs.

Appropriately named, the Bullseye immediately hits my G-spot after insertion. It feels like it was pre-programmed with the map to my vagina. There was no need for adjusting or repositioning. It knew where it was going and it was planning on staying there (until you begin thrusting it, of course). Some G-spot dildos tend to move and get off target during usage, so it’s nice to have an effortless dildo which doesn’t need to be micromanaged.

Bullseye (4 of 1).jpgThe bulbous head makes this toy. Although at first it can seem a little big at first, once inserted I had no complaints as the head is the perfect size and roundness to make my G-spot sing. The Bullseye hit my target so hard that squirted for the first time from G-spot stimulation! !! And although I have not yet tried myself, this toy is safe for anal usage as well. Most G-spot toys that can be used anally are perfect for P-spot orgasms as well.

The superior G-spot stimulation & effortlessness of the Bullseye make the product live up to its name. I’m happy to say that those qualities make it my go-to dildo lately. The toy is also relatively cheap, being less than 40$ US! On top of that it’s made in the USA and scores 2/6 on the Ecorotic Green Sex Toy scale which makes it the perfect earth day purchase! No wonder the Bullseye is a customer favourite over at Good Vibrations!

Thanks to my friends over at Good Vibrations for sending me this toy in exchange for my unbiased, honest review.


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  1. That’s a great price for a well-designed silicone dildo. Nice.

    I love white sex toys! You see them so rarely, but the pearly color is so pretty and clean.

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