My First Time: At a Sex Club

I remember the first time I stumbled across the idea of a sex club. It was when a much more innocent version of myself was happily binge watching Being Erica, a Canadian TV show, on Netflix. In the particular episode, the main character, Erica, had to visit a sex club (coincidentally located in Toronto) to do research for a book she was writing about sex. The theme of the episode was exploring conventions in relationships, which looking back seems like a great conversation to fit with the chosen backdrop of a sex club. Watching the episode, I remember being in awe of all the group sex, whips, leather and exhibitionism that accompanied the aura of the sex club’s atmosphere. I found it invigorating that there was this particular open & exploratory part of the sex world that I had never heard of before. I was a virgin at the time, so finding out there was a kinky side to sex which established itself in a community setting was very exciting. I was too young then to comprehend the desires behind attending such a venue, but it was a fascinating thought that I have kept with me.

I have somehow always been aware of Toronto’s Oasis Aqualounge since moving to Ontario. Oasis is an upscale sex club located on Mutual Street and is used as a commune for the sex-positive community in Toronto. It’s a mansion with four floors, two bars, plenty of rooms and a dungeon. If that wasn’t enough Oasis has a heated pool, a hot tub, and a sauna, making it literally an oasis for couples and singles. When explaining the venue to some of my friends, a lot of them asked: “soo what do you do there?”. If the answer isn’t evident to you, at a sex club you have, you know, SEX! At Oasis, you can have sex anywhere in the club, except for the hot tub. This brought me back to the intriguing thoughts that Being Erica had planted in my head. I did a lot of research about Oasis through their website, YouTube tour videos and a review by My Tickle Trunk. Through my in-depth investigation, I knew that one day I would attend. I just didn’t think that day would be so soon.

Joining the sex blogging community has opened my eyes into facets of sexuality that would have been hard to come across in my mainstream life. If you had asked me a year ago if I was open for a threesome with another girl, then you would have gotten a hard no. If asked to explain myself I would have listed jealously as being a primary factor, and being not attracted to girls. Not that these reasons still aren’t present in my life today, but I’ve come to learn that there are ways to experience group sex by finding ways around my resistances. Blogging has lead me to discover and understand polyamory, open relationships, and benefits of group sex, so my mind has been more comfortable with the idea of sex with multiple people lately. At first it started with a fantasy of being with two guys at once (which has not happened yet, but not due to lack of trying). The idea of being taken by two dominant men, both specifically there to please me is one of the hottest thoughts imaginable. Then after being offered to join a heterosexual couple off FetLife (which didn’t work out for other reasons), the idea about having sex with a couple was planted. This way I could be the guest star, the shiny new toy to play with. In this situation, there would be no way for me to get jealous, as I was loving the thought of being with two people who were also into each other. Less than a week later, within the FetLife Oasis group, I saw the event posting for Unicorn Night. A unicorn is a girl who will sleep with a couple, named because they are rare and mythical in some cases. The night was for couples and single girls only. As it was a special evening, they offered a complimentary massage and a yoni painting. They also had a bracelet system set up so everyone could identify the unicorn hunters (the couples) and so the single girls could display what type of threesome they were looking for, whether that be MFF (a threesome with female interaction or FMF (a threesome with no female interaction). I knew this was the night I had to go.

I tried to find an affordable and cute Airbnb close to Oasis, but my search came up empty. After venting my frustrations on Twitter, a recent new follower of mine Luna Matatas tweeting at me saying she Airbnb’d her apartment out and would make an exception of renting her place out to me for just one night, instead of her usual minimum of two. Luna happens to be a sex-educator, burlesque dancer, and crafter in Toronto and has been to Oasis many times. She was the PERFECT person to host me before my adventure.             One I got to Luna’s place, we

Getting ready at Luna’s

immediately clicked and ended up shared sex-positive stories over dinner at a local pub. After discovering that we were essentially best friends already, we went back to her apartment so I could get ready to go out! I had chosen a really cute outfit featuring my bra harness, front clasping bra and a new pair of white lace panties. I was feeling very confident and hot, as one should be feeling when going to a sex club. We shared some wine & weed as we listened to lady power artists, like Beyonce and Anna Wise. As Luna was amping me up for my visit to Oasis, we decided that she was my Fairy Fuck-Mother, and I was Kinkerella. Honestly, I owe a lot of my confidence from that night to Luna, as her pre-pump up made me feel excited to go. I don’t think I could have done it without her. She eventually hugged me out the door, and I headed toward my carriage for the night (i.e.,. jumping in the wrong Uber twice).

Arriving at Oasis was terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I got out of my Uber, found the doors (they’re on the side of the building) and then confidently walked in. I passed the second door and came into a hallway with a short line, comprised of a variety of couples and single women. I could feel some couples eyeing me up in line, which confirmed to me that I was looking as hot as I was feeling. The girl in front of me was there solo as well, so the desk attendant went over the rules with both of us together, signed us up as members and lead us through a curtain through the central bar area and into the locker room. As I walked through the curtains, I could tell that the

My outfit for the night

place was relaxed yet vibrant. A lot of people were draped in towels or some completely nude. I was surprised how normal it felt. Maybe I’m just very open minded and comfortable with the human body, but seeing everyone relaxed and chatting happily at the bar while half naked was welcoming. After being shown my locker, I changed into my sexy outfit while chatting to the girl who was in front of me in line. She had never been there before either so it made me feel good I wasn’t the only newbie. I went to get a drink at the bar, feeling very empowered by the concept of standing in front of strangers in my underwear. But then the nerves set it. They weren’t related to anything to do with the idea of a sex club, or seeing people in the nude, but that my reality was that I was at a club by myself. Although I can act somewhat confident, sometimes social anxiety takes over in situations where I don’t have anyone to talk to. So I drank my glass fairly quickly to quell my worries and to help me be more sociable. Then I decided to go chose my unicorn wristband. Since I wasn’t sure if I was going to want a FMF or MFF, I chose both as it would depend on the couple. I then decided to go upstairs to explore a little more.

The second floor of Oasis has the dungeon, a ballroom themed room, as well as an additional locker room and a couch in the main hallway (which is huge, as it’s a mansion). A lot of people on this floor were just socializing, and I had yet to see anyone playing with each other yet. In the ballroom, people were awaiting a complimentary massage, as per the night’s theme. A couple complimented me on my harness bra, and we chatted a bit about the venue, how we found out about it, etc. I left them to go get another drink and got complimented on my harness again by a girl beside me at the bar (TIP: Wear something sexy and unique if you want people to talk to you).

The Bra Harness

I ventured back upstairs, as apparently that was my strategy in trying to make friends. Get a drink, do a lap of the whole building. I was getting curious to see the rest of the club, so I climbed the stairs to the third floor (which is where I was told most of the action happens). I could see at this point in the evening that people were starting to fuck. I had never seen in person another couple or person having sex or masturbating so I was intrigued, but not turned on. I guess I’m not much of a voyeur. I sat down in a chair outside of the Red Room and started talking to two women in the seats beside me. They were super friendly, and we just chatted about how awesome of time we were having. Eventually, I wandered back downstairs and was approached by a couple who asked if I would like to join them! I said yes, as I was excited to get the night started. We sat down and chatted platonically for a while, but I wasn’t feeling any sparks, so I politely excused myself to get another drink. Downstairs as I was leaving the main bar, I ran into the girl I had talked to previously. Her name was Cass* and she introduced me to her partner, Darren*. They both were flirtatious and good looking. As I was leaving the bar, they both said they’d love to see me later.

As I ascended to the 3rd floor again, I was met with a smiling, cool looking couple. I was feeling my drinks and started chatting with them until they invited me to sit down in one of the rooms off the hallway. As we sat, we continued to talk and the girl, Maddie*, was curious to know what the identifying bracelets met. Apparently that was the signal she was looking for as she started to make out with me! Eventually, the kissing was accompanied by both their hands, and it quickly became heated. To be honest, I don’t remember a whole lot from this portion of the evening, as I was overwhelmed with bodies, sensations and booze. However I confirmed my only visual attraction to women, tbh playing with a woman’s pussy was no more exciting than brushing my teeth. As we continued to play, the couple got aggressive with me and each other, which I usually like but since I was a little overwhelmed already it was too much. Somewhere along the way Eric had slapped her across the face (not too hard), and we eventually noticed that there was blood on her face. I noticed as he was fucking her (I decided not to participate in any penetration that evening) that his hands were covered in blood as well. I realized that he had been fingering me prior, and she had eaten me out, so it must have been me that was bleeding.

The panties pre-Oasis

They noticed that I wasn’t into it as much anymore, as asked if I was done, which I was. We thanked each other and parted ways. I went to pick my discarded bra and panties, only to notice that the white of the lace had been soaked red by my injury. I decided to rush to the bathroom to make sure that my vulva and vagina were doing okay. On the way out of the room, the two girls who I had chatted with in the 3rd-floor bar high fived me, as they knew it was my first time with a couple and with a girl.

After cleaning myself up in the bathroom, and deciding that there was nothing I could do about my injury, and I really wanted to turn my night around. I left my bra off, as I was comfortable with being bare after having already had sex in front of people. Now being fully sober, I went to grab another drink. I ran into Darren at the bar who was grabbing drinks for Cass and himself. He invited me to come have a drink by the pool with them! We got our drinks then headed out of the door in the bar and onto the pool deck. Oasis’ pool is outdoors and heated, which was perfect for Ontario’s early spring weather. I took off my panties off and slid into the pool to meet the warm embrace of Cass and Darren. These two were the mirror of the first couple I was with; they were soft and sweet with me. I could tell how in love they were with each other too, which made me feel special, but also made me recognize the benefits for couples who attend sex clubs like Oasis. After grinding and making out in the pool for a bit, we went upstairs to find a room. We got comfortable on the big couch in the ballroom and continued where we finished off in the pool. Soon I was on my back, coming with the help of both their hands. I then got up to start fingering Cass while she and Darren made out. Darren then looked at me and told me: “You can put your hand in her.” WHAT! Never would I have thought I’d be fisting someone tonight!! I can imagine the type of bewildered face I must have had on. I asked if they was sure and they both replied with “Ohhhh yes.” He poured a whole big packet of lube on my hand and instructed me start with two fingers, progress to three between thrusts and then make a fist as was going in. I was startled by their request, but I was ready to try. So I did as Darren had instructed me and eventually plunged by fist into her vagina. CRAZY. Eventually, my hand started cramping so I transitioned into rotating between both of my hands. Cass clearly was enjoying herself as she then started coming on my fist! (a sentence I thought I would never say). I look up, and another guy is staring at us with his mouth agape and says “Wow. I’ve never seen that before”. I replied back that “I’ve never done this before ¯_(ツ)_/¯.” Darren asked the guy if he wanted to try fisting Cass. He jumped in, and I went to wash my hands in the bathroom. When I came back, the guy was having a time fisting Cass. I jumped back onto the bed and was met with Darren’s exploring fingers. Cass and I laid side by side as the gentleman were both using their hands to make us cum. After we came, the other guy left to find the partner that he came with, and Cass, Darren and I stayed behind to cuddle for a couple minutes before Oasis was set to close. Once we recharged a bit, we made our way to the changing room, where Darren made Cass get my number from me. We parted ways at the door, and I jumped in my Uber to head back to my Airbnb.

I made my Uber driver wait for me to take this photo.

What I loved about Oasis was the community, the freedom and the energy that presented itself within the mansion. My experience there was such a good time (despite my vulva scratch). It really was a haven for the sex-positive and kinky, and provided a space for individuals seeking other like-minded friends or lovers. I had a smile on my face the entire night and absolutely loved seeing how many couples appeared to be so in love. Everyone was incredibly friendly and respectful. Going to Oasis let me explore the feelings I felt when I watched the scene from Being Erica: excited and deeply fascinated. I absolutely love the open aspect to the sex-positive and kinky community and will definitely be going back for more adventures.

If you’re intrigued by this right up in any aspect, please check out Oasis at their website. They have interactive videos that can help you get accustomed to the place, as well as events that are specifically for newcomers that include a tour of the club! I also suggest checking out My Tickle Truck’s review.

*The names were changed for anonymity purposes

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  1. Speechless!! This sounds amazing, and I’d love a night like this! My partner and I didn’t get much into play with others in our first night, as when bringing a relationship into that territory, we definitely wanted to be cautious, but now I can’t wait to go back and get a bit more into that. I’ll definitely be wearing my sexiest outfit this time.
    My attraction to women is definitely visual as well. Boobs I’m down with – I think I’d be a great accessory in a threesome for foreplay, but that’s about it.
    Hope we can go sometime!

  2. I am interested to try it out. Got no company and I am new to Toronto. Wondering how to get around in that place.

  3. :O so cool! Will reread this to psych myself up for my first time (tragically, it will probably be a few years, but I can deal)!

    1. Hey there,

      Was wondering if you would like to chat with a couple about meeting at a unicorn night?

      1. No. This is not the time or the place to approach me with that request. I can recommend some sex workers, if you are interested in hiring them.

        1. I wasn’t messaging u that was a message for someone else. Sorry for not being direct. My bad suzy.

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