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Adult subscription boxes are much like other types of subscription boxes, but wayyyy more fun. Instead of tech, food or makeup, a curated box of sex toys & accessories come to your door every three months*. You don’t know what’s in the box until you open it, making it comparable to multiple Christmases in one year! This means that adult subscription boxes are a great gift for the sex toy nerd in your life. I’ve always been curious about trying a box so I was very lucky when I was asked by The Big Oh! Box to test theirs out!

Big Oh! Box (1)The Big Oh! Box and I connected over Twitter from the start of both of our journeys into the sex-toy world. Although we took different paths (them retailing boxes, me reviewing toys), we have stayed connected over Twitter supporting each other through our growths. The Big Oh! Box is run by the fabulous Rachel and Michael Gibbs, a wife and husband duo who started The Big Oh! Box when they saw a gap in the adult subscription box market. They noticed that most of the sex-toy boxes that were being produced were non-inclusive of all persons and not near as sex-positive as they should have been. S-Oh! they set out to fill that gap.

What I love about the box, as well as their company is that they have stayed true to their credo. The Gibbs’ have successfully created a box that does not imply gender, relationship status or sexuality. As someone who has only ever had friends with benefits, fuck buddies and hookups it’s absolutely refreshing for a company to identify that a product meant for two people (the With Oh! Friend box) is not specifically for couples. Even some of the most sex-positive retailers have not caught onto that yet, so it’s impressive that The Big Oh! Box is making a statement to coincide with society’s changing views on how we define relationships. You can also get a So-Oh! Box if want to get off independently. They also list their products by type (Stroker, Backdoor, Vibrator or Dual-Stimulator) which is free of any gender or sexuality based assumptions.Big Oh! Box (2)

The product isn’t cheesy either!! The Big Oh! Box fills their box with an assortment of items that you’ll actually use. Nothing corny like edible underwear or a one-size fits all lingerie (which certainly does not fit all). The Big Oh! Box sticks to high-quality products that will reap benefits in the bedroom. These products are also curated so that what you pay for the box is much lower than the combined value of the contents. That means you’re saving money!!

I got to choose what box Big Oh! sent me. After some deliberation and an inventory count, I decided it would be fun to get some more anal toys for myself and chose the Backdoor Box! It arrived quickly in the mail in a nice, discreet black box. Anonymity is a major factor for a lot of sex-toy shoppers, and even more so with a subscription box. Imagine getting the same fancy designed box with the words “sex-toy subscription” on it every quarter? What would the neighbors think?! The inside of the box has the cute Big Oh! branding and the items wrapped in bright red tissue paper, like a little present :).

Inside I received four items with this quarter’s box!
  • JO Simply Clean Personal Cleansing Wipes (Fragrance Free) – I must say I was very happy to see that personal wipes were included. It’s something I always put off buying but eventually end up needing. The JO wipes are perfect for the Backdoor Box as you want to keep that bottom squeaky clean before playing.
  • Sliquid Sassy Booty Gel: Adding Sliquid to The Big Oh! Box was such a smart decision. Sliquid is an excellent lube brand that is a fan favourite in the sex-blogger world. The Booty Gel specifically is great for this box, as it’s a thicker lube so that you can have a better anal experience and it’s silicone safe!
  • Mighty Tidy Adult Toy Cleanser: When soap and water are easily accessible, I never really felt the need own a cleaner. But having one makes cleanup so simple! All you have to do is spray the toy, wipe it down and rinse it! It’s also silicone safe!
  • Mood Double Naughty by Doc Johnson: Speaking of silicone, the toy featured in this quarter’s The Big Oh! Box is a double-ended butt plug/anal beads made out of 100% body safe silicone! I haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet, but I like the fact that is has a double purpose  ;).



Here’s a rundown of The Big Oh! Box products and prices!

Cost – All products include free US shipping and low-cost shipping to Canada:

  • With Oh! Friend – 109$ US per quarter
  • So-Oh! – 59$ US per quarter

Toy Types – You can choose what type of toy you’d like to have your box based around:

  • Vibrator: Vibration based box
  • Backdoor: Anal based box
  • Stroker: Male anatomy pleasurer based box
  • Dual-Stimulator: Dual – Stim Vibration based box

What you get – Decide if you want to go solo or with a companion:

  • With Oh! Friend: 6 – 10 toys and accessories comprised around a theme for yourself and a partner
  • So-Oh!: 3 – 6 items including one toy and selection of lube, wipes, or other adult novelties, which makes it a perfect kit for masturbating.

As you can tell I have a lot of love for The Big Oh! Box and what they are doing within the sex-toy industry. The Gibbs’ have worked hard to create a product and brand that cater to everyone without seeming tacky and you can tell that hard work is paying off. I can’t wait to see The Big Oh! Box grow and pave the path for more inclusive subscription boxes.

You can buy your subscription to The Big Oh! Box here:

The Big Oh! Box

*Not all adult subscription boxes are quarterly

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  1. I personally live nowhere near the price range here, but I love all the body-safe, sex-positive, social-justice-oriented sex toy companies, so the retail box people get all my love for being great.

  2. This looks really cool! I always want to do subscription boxes, but I’m not on that level of financial stability yet. Still, this one looks like a winner!

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