Review: Vilain Audre by Blush Novelties

The Audre is an elegant take on what I imagine being a basic silicone vibrator. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles, just a nice, soft, vibrating shaft and two buttons for control (one for power, one to cycle through the vibration functions). I really didn’t expect much from the Audre actually, as a lot of other vibrators out there carry a similar silhouette, but it surprised me with its power.

audre3The Audre is a fully waterproof, rechargeable vibrator from Blush Novelties’ Vilain product line. It’s made out of phthalate free, silicone and measures 7 inches in length (5 of those being insertable), with a width of 1.4 inches. The Audre has 7, surprisingly rumbly, vibration functions. There are three power levels and then four pattern features. The Audre comes in two colours: Onyx Black and Passion Pink.

The shaft of the Audre is made out of some really nice silicone. I’m talking the kind that feels silky in your hand, doesn’t collect dust and won’t drag against your skin. It’s a touch that elevates the Audre’s essence.

The Audre has a great set of vibration power for its curvaceous shape. Sure, it’s not as powerful as a wand vibrator, but it out rumbles my Lelo Ina 2. Which is saying something because Lelo is a luxury toy company. I found that the lowest setting on the Audre was comparable to the highest levels on the Ina 2!! The audre1vibrations are also rumbly and power deep into the skin. This vibrator is strong!

Where this toy flaws, in my opinion, is it’s shape. It’s what distanced me from the toy in the first place, as I thought it looked almost too simply designed. The head of the Audre is large, flexible and firm, and while it felt good, I like using a smaller, more rounded head to find my G-spot. Adding the Audre’s strong vibrations to a G-spot distinct head, like my Bullseye could have earned its place as a great G-spot vibrator. I found it makes an excellent clitoral bath toy, though, as the vibrations are so strong and the toy is waterproof.


A big annoyance I found with the Audre is that it doesn’t have a proper handle. It has a small piece of plastic at the base around the charging port, but where you would expect to hold the toy is a continuation of the silicone from the insertable part. This makes it hard to endure some of the vibration settings, especially the pattern ones. It makes your hand shake regardless, so it won’t be good for those who can’t endure hand tremors. I feel that if there was a proper handle, the Audre could be made accessible to more people, while also not being a bit of a nuisance.

Although the Audre has it’s weaknesses, the majority of them are personal preferences for me. I would recommend this toy if you like broader G-spot play because the vibrations along with the silky silicone are worth it. Especially if you have limited options for strong waterproof vibrators. Personally, that’s what I’ll be using it for. I wouldn’t recommend it if your G-spot needs to have pinpointed pressure.

Thanks to Blush Novelties for sending me this toy in exchange for my unbiased, honest review.

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