Review: Pleasure Works Pop Tops Deluxe Silicone G-spotter

DSC_0292I really wanted to like the Pleasure Works’ Pop Tops Deluxe Silicone G-spotter. I really did. I chose it from Good Vibrations specifically thinking it was going to work for me. However, it was like a date who fills all the personality characteristics you usually love but just fails to produce a spark.

Deriving from my overwhelming love of my Magic Wand, I wanted to try the Pleasure Works G-spotter because it was meant to enhance the wand’s naturally impressive abilities. The G-spotter is a Magic Wand G-spot accessory made out of 100% body-safe silicone. It looks like a little hat with a big, thick stem coming out of it and the stem ends in a flat head. It also has a small nub located near the edge of the head meant for external use. So in theory, the G-spotter has all the tools it needs to be a great accessory.


DSC_0291In practice, though, the G-spotter doesn’t live up to the expectations I had when waiting for it in the mail.On first impression, I immediately noticed that the toy was a lint monster, which isn’t the best thing, but it’s something that can be easily fixed by a wash-down. My main issue was that I expected the toy to transmit the power of my Magic Wand right onto my G-spot. Not that the G-spotter failed to transmit the vibrations, as it actually did that really well. Even though the toy is made out of thick silicone, it still manages to broadcast consistently strong vibrations through to the tip, even on the lower levels of the Magic Wand.

Since the G-spotter didn’t dilute the vibrations, what wasn’t I enjoying about it? I took some time to ponder this question while playing with the toy. My G-spot craves pressure to feel good, and since this toy is made out of a squishy silicone, I found that it could not deliver what I was looking for. The squish of the silicone is comfortable but not enough so that it could make up for subpar G-spot pressure.DSC_0293

To fully test it out, I tried a bunch of different ways to use the toy to try to make up the lack of pressure from the material. I tried thrusting it in and out of me and got the same reaction from having it stagnant: it needed more pressure still! When trusting and maneuvering the little nub above provided a great feeling for my clit, but not enough to make me come.

After being a little disappointed, I looked up some other reviews of the product to see how it fared for other bloggers. Most of the reviews I read were raving about using the toy for something I hadn’t specifically tried: clit stimulation! I grabbed the wand and the G-spotter and jumped in bed, resting the flat head of the accessory on my clit.

DSC_0302Now this felt good! Since the vibrations travel so well throughout the silicone, all the power is pinpointed into it’s flat head and give a very different (and very good) feeling than the broad head of the Magic Wand. Using this technique, I was able to come quickly as all the vibrations were focused solely on my clitoris.

Even though I had my short comings with the G-spotter, I still feel like it’s a worthy toy to have in my arsenal. The pinpointed power that it maneuvers is a great option for a lot of play in the bedroom, but for a G-spot (or at least mine) it doesn’t have the pressure to produce much pleasure. I loved using the accessory as an external vibrator, so I can see it’s benefits. This toy is also anal safe, so it might produce a better outcome for those with prostates.

Thanks to my friends over at Good Vibrations for sending me this toy in exchange for my unbiased, honest review.


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  1. Yeah, I got the bliss tips and nuzzle heads and had a similar experience. I wanted so badly to like them, but alas. Such a bummer. At least they’re way cheaper than a full toy.

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