Review: Pleasure Works Gyro-G

GYRO2To be honest, I didn’t have the greatest first impression of this toy, despite its unique shape. I thought it was going to be a toy that I wouldn’t overall enjoy and have a neutral opinion on. And in the tone of my last review, the Gyro-G’s performance was the opposite of what I expected. Lucky for me this time that meant I was pleasantly surprised.

The Gyro-G is a waterproof vibrator by Pleasure Works. Its curved body is made of smooth ABS plastic (which is non-toxic and non-porous) and is operated by two AA batteries. The Gyro-G is shaped in a way that I haven’t seen before from sex-toy manufacturers. It has a rounded base which leads up to the shaft and ends in a tapered hook looking end for G-spot stimulation. In the middle of the shaft, it has a knot-like bump which measures 1.67 inches in diameter (the thickest part). The toy’s insertable length is 4.5 inches, so it’s not long by any means, but with the shape of its “head”, it makes up for what it lacks in height. It comes in purple and pink at Good Vibrations and is valued at $28 US.

GYRO3With its thick knot in the middle of the shaft, the Gyro-G manages to command a certain sturdiness. It’s not the thickest a toy can be (by far!) but for someone who might be newer to insertable sex-toys then the Gyro could seem a little intimidating. Personally, I found it a size that was just right. Once I’m warmed up, the toy can feel welcomely full, but it’s not too overexerting.

The Captian-Hook-like curve the Gyro-G sports is the perfect shape for G-spot stimulation. It curls up to hit your spot without aid but feels particularly good when thrusting vs. being stable. I’ve mentioned before that my G-spot prefers more pressure when being seduced, and I felt the Gyro’s materials worked to my advantage. Since it’s made of a smooth plastic, it had the stability to hit my G-spot when thrusting and feel superb.

Power wise, for me to be able to cum with the Gyro-G I need it turned on to full power, and sometimes that doesn’t even feel like enough to get me off. If you think of vibration on a scale of 1 – 5 (five being toys like the Magic Wand Rechargeable or the Doxy Wand) then this would probably be a three at full power. This normally wouldn’t be such a problem for me, but the handle of the toy makes it easy for you to reduce the vibrations accidentally. The handle is designed so that you can rotate it to increase the intensity. It’s easy to use but makes it a bastard to work. Imagine happily thrusting away and having the vibrations diminish unexpectedly?? Way to ruin an upcoming orgasm!

GYRO4The toy is pretty versatile, though. It’s mainly a G-spot toy, but the curved head also works perfectly for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. That combined with the hard plastic allows for good pressure. For those who like more broad sensations, I found I could turn the toy backward and use the flat back of the head to send its vibrations to my clit and still be reasonably happy with the turnout.

Despite not having the highest expectations for the Gyro-G it managed to deliver a solid performance for its value. It’s my new go-to water vibrator (replacing my Ina 2), and it’s a great option for when I’m craving some hard G-spot stimulation and vibration. The unique design of the toy caters to many of its strengths, but I wish the handle were less likely to change the power setting by accident.

Thanks to my friends over at Good Vibrations for sending me this toy in exchange for my unbiased, honest review.


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