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Rumble_FrontThe Rumble is a USB rechargeable wand style vibrator, the first of it’s kind from Tantus. Tantus is well known for their excellent quality silicone (in the forms of dildos and bullet-powered vibrators), but they recently saw an opportunity in the wand vibrator market for a more accessible toy. So the team over at Tantus put their heads together and came up with the Rumble! The Rumble is, as the company proclaims, a vibrator for every body! It’s gender neutral, and is designed in a way that caters to everyone! I’m going to try my best to see if it meets the promises Tantus is making. However, since I am able-bodied, I recognize that this review will not reflect the experience of every body.

Measuring 8.5” in length with a 2.38” thick head, the first thing I noticed about the Rumble, other than the gorgeous blue colour, was that it was really light (6.6 ounces to be exact). Compared to my Magic Wand, this toy is a feather yet the handle of the Rumble still manages to carry an authority, as the plastic used is sturdy enough to be wielded easily without feeling flimsy. The shape of the handle is comfortable in hand and doesn’t transmit the vibrations through to your body.  The Rumble features three buttons that are placed strategically on the handle to control 7 vibration settings. The power level controls (in the form of a + and – button) are set at the end of the handle where you hand would naturally fall during use, and the power button is all the way at the other end, near the base of the head. This is designed so you don’t accidentally turn off the toy during use. This has happened to me before with other toys, and it sucks to have that kind of interruption ruin your groove.


At the top of the toy, the vibrating head is wrapped in a soft hat of silicone. Literally, it has a cute, little, removable silicone top that slides off for easy cleaning. The silicone used for the Rumble is no exception to the quality silicone products that Tantus produces. The hat has a matte finish and feels oh so silky.

Now the big buzz (pun intended) around the Rumble, especially from sex bloggers and Tantus enthusiasts, was how strong the vibrations were going to be. With a name like Rumble, many may have placed the bar too high. So high in fact, that it caused Metis Black (the owner & President of Tantus Inc) to send out a letter explaining the intent of the Rumble after many reviewers complained of being mislead, as the Rumble is not intensely strong.

“…Rumble sounds like the ‘ultra-powerful’ personal massager that’s going to shake you out of bed. To us, it was never meant to be an ‘earthquake’ – it’s a Rumble, it’s vibration for every body, and we apologize for making you think otherwise. Rumble is a mid-range vibrator made not to breach the power olympics, but to help you discover what vibration can do for your body.” – Metis Black

When I first tried the toy out myself, I was feeling the same way as many reviewers before me. A little underwhelmed and a little disappointed. I was expecting the bone shaking talents a la Magic Wand Rechargeable, which was (obviously) not delivered. Not to say the Rumble wasn’t rumbly, it just wasn’t what my mind was expecting. After re-reading the message that Metis wrote I decided to test out the toy with a new frame of mind; to just enjoy the vibrations for what they were, to accept that it’s purpose wasn’t to be overpowering.


With this mindset, I was able to thoroughly enjoy the Rumble and experience its benefits as medium power vibrator. The Rumble actually manages to use the fact that’s it’s not super powerful as an asset. The vibrations are strong enough to make me come but through a relaxing, sensual masturbatory session. It provides a soft, more personal journey; one which can lead to an equally (if not more) rewarding orgasm than other more intense wands. I achieve those soothing orgasms that transition me easily into sleep, unlike those intense vibrations that jerk (ha!) you awake and make you physically tired.

And last but certainly not least, the vibrations are really quiet for a wand vibrator!! I appreciate this SO much as I live with 5 housemates. You can barely hear it under the covers, and it’s nothing a little music can’t cover up if you’re worried about being heard.

Rumble_SideWith the Rumble in mind, it’s interesting to observe how the purpose of a product can change how it’s utilized and the outcome of its usage. Without Tantus’ commitment to sex-toys for every body and their great quality build, the vibrations wouldn’t be enough to warrant a purchase of this toy. But because it offers so many benefits (easy, well designed, quiet!) within a lightweight body, it’s a worthwhile toy to have by your bedside or for travel purposes. I can see through my usage that there are aspects of the toy that no doubt make it accessible for many different bodies. Tantus is also soon going to be releasing different heads for the Rumble, which will make the toy more diverse than it already is!

Thanks to my friends over at Tantus for sending me this toy in exchange for my unbiased, honest review.


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2 Replies to “Review: Tantus Rumble”

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned the not-a-power-horse angle, I’ve read a lot of reviews that were disappointed with the power, but that mindset made me rethink my power-hungry mentality for a second. Sometimes a wand is just there to be a wand!

  2. Yeah, I’ve read that the power/rumbliness is disappointing. Still, it’s really cool to see sex toys that are intentionally gender-neutral and made to be usable with disability. I hope I see the trend continue.

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