June – Wrap (it) Up

June - Wrap (it) Up

Happy Pride Month everyone! This month has been a hard one with the Orlando Massacre, especially with it happening during a month that means so much to the LGBTQ2+ community. My heart goes out to the victims and their families, as well as my queer friends & community. No one should ever have to deal with this loss, especially a community that is full of so much love. But where hate tries to exist, love blossoms and thrives. The community has come together to support each other, and we will celebrate Pride for those who can’t. Make it known that love is love, and we are louder than ever. To donate visit the GoFundMe campaign for the victims and their families.

June has been a busy month for me! I was off visiting my hometown in Nova Scotia, so I’ve been absent from blogging for a couple of weeks. Don’t worry, though; I have a bunch of awesome reviews coming up soon 🙂 In addition to my trip home, I got the chance to do a lot of sexy stuff this month! Without further ado, here is first Wrap (it) Up!

Sex Toys
  • Travelling home this month left me with the dilemma of deciding what toys to bring with me! I decided to bring my Magic Wand Rechargeable, Stronic Drei, Bullseye, and three different butt plugs! Because you can never be too careful when traveling with valuables, I decided to put all my toys in a Ziplock and take them in my carry-on. I like getting through security as fast as possible, so I took out the bag and placed it openly in the security bin. I definitely felt some judgment from the elderly lady scanning the bags, I just smiled and continued on my way (okay, maybe I’m a bit of an exhibitionist?)
  • My Magic Wand Rechargeable continues to get the most use this month! I used it during multiple sexcapades, and is my main squeeze during my masturbatory sections. I tried the trick of using a Tenga Egg inside out on the end of the wand too, which provided some texture to the vibrations! It wasn’t amazing, but I liked being able to experience new sensations with the wand.


  • This month has been popping for my sex life! It’s mainly been an oral focused month, as I’m approaching a big number for my penetration count. I’ve been waiting for the right guy (and cock) to be the 30th person I will be penetrated by! While I’m waiting for whoever that person may be, I’ve been euphoric focusing on my BJ skills and getting pleasured by fingers and mouths. So much so that I’ve sucked three cocks within the last three days #slutlyfe!
  • Since my experience at Oasis unicorning for two different couples, I’ve been really wanting to explore threesomes more. I had been talking to a super sweet couple off of FetLife, and eventually met up with them for drinks and some 420 flower. Our night and morning were excellent, which featured a strip tease and a lot of my pussy being licked and played with. They were wonderful, and I hope to play with them again sometime soon!
  • After a trip to Venus Envy in Halifax, I picked up the much talked about book Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West. The book is a hilarious memoir about surviving in a world where women with big voices and big bodies aren’t equally accepted. Lindy explores gender politics, feminism, and activism in a way that’s incredibly relatable and makes you feel like you can do anything as a woman. I’m not finished it yet, but it’s hard to put down.


  • As many Netflix aficionados know, the latest season of Orange is the New Black was released this month. I’ve been binge-watching it over the past couple days while I bedazzle a bra to wear to Toronto Pride. This season is SO GOOD.
  • Summer has started, and so has the U.S season of Big Brother. This is my guilty pleasure reality show, which I love watching not only for the drama but the tactics. A lot of people don’t realize how the contestants have to use intricate strategies to be able to win the show. It’s like an entertaining social experiment, and I live for it.
Femmey Vibes
  • My Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Ravishing has been my go lip colour this month! I’m usually not a fan of creamy lipsticks, but the coral colour is so summery I can’t help but reach for it whenever I’m getting femmed up! Tip: You can add some setting powder on top of cream lipsticks to get a more matte finish!
Mac Ravishing w/ BC Pearl over top
  • When I glam up, I like to be lit for the back row! The Becca Cosmetics Highlighter in Pearl is a highlighter that actually shows up on my pasty Ginger skin, so I apply that shit like nobodies business. I even dust some over the top of lipstick to get a super glowy angelic look.
  • Whenever I visit Halifax, I always make a point to visit the Black Market, which is my favourite mystic, exotic artisan shop. They carry products from all over the world, including clothes, incense, and jewelry. And because everyone’s a fan of cocks, they have a bunch of dick sculptures and bottle openers hidden in the corners of their shop. I picked out a giant sparkly turquoise wooden penis to remind me of home and my blog.
  • I got the chance to meet up with a couple of other femme sex bloggers this month! Blogger Girly Juice was such a treat to talk to over coffee. Kate is one of my personal heroes and is a big inspiration for my blog, so getting her to chat with her for an hour about sex, blogging and the sex-pos/kink community in Toronto was fantastic! She even shared with me this wicked slow-mo video a gentleman friend had sent her. HOW LUCKY AM I? During my visit to Halifax, I also got to connect with Rosie Rotica, a local burlesque dancer, and sex blogger! It was great exploring Venus Envy with this badass babe.

I’ll be around Toronto celebrating Pride this coming weekend, so please feel free to say hi if you see me in my bedazzled bra!

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