Review: Fun Factory Stronic Drei

For a long time, I would dream of a dildo that could fuck me. Maybe I’m lazy, but laying down while something else thrusts for you while you masturbate sounds like heaven. There are “fucking machines” on the market, but they’re way too expensive, intense and bulky for me to justify buying for a lazy wank. So when I heard about the Stronic Drei, I made it my mission to see if it was a good alternative to what I was looking for.

The Fun Factory Stronic Drei is a toy made out of 100% body safe silicone that is completely waterproof and anal safe. It measures approximately 4.6 inches long (insertable length) and 1.59 inches in diameter. It curves up from a flared base to reveal a little G-spot / P-spot pointed head. The Drei has three buttons on its handle to control three rhythms and 6 intensities, so you’d expect it to vibrate right? Surprise! The Stronic line by Fun Factory isn’t actually a vibrator, it’s a pulsator.


This means the toy doesn’t create vibrations, but it physically thrusts. It moves back and forth inside you without you having even to touch it (essentially magic, ammiright?). Well not magic exactly, but close. To create its pulsing function, the Stronic line of toys all contain a heavy metal weight that moves within its hollow body. Since the motion of the metal weight is helped by magnets, this toy cannot be used near pacemakers FYI. The Drei has three different modes: Algorithmic, Constant or Dynamic. Each mode has three different pulsation speeds. I prefer the Constant mode, as my G-spot responds the best to unchanging rhythm. The toy is also surprisingly quiet! You can barely hear it thrusting away.

The whole Stronic line is powered by Click ‘N’ Charge technology, so the toy doesn’t have a port to stick a charger into, but two little metal nubs that connect to the charger magnetically. I found it confusing to navigate the guide that came with the Drei as it did not have written instructions, just images when it was talking about the charging. I’m still not sure what buttons should be lit or blinking when it’s fully charged (although I do know 16 hours = a full charge). This way of charging makes the Drei completely waterproof, as there’s no way for water to get inside it.

Whenever I use this toy, it requires some adjustment to find the perfect position for it to hit my G-spot. Unless your G-spot is deep, I recommend not trying to shove it to the back like you would for a dildo.Once I found my right angle there was still about an inch of the Drei sticking out, so expect not to need the whole length of the toy. Finding that sweet spot can take some time (it has to be just so), but it’s worth the effort. You can tell Fun Factory literally wanted the Drei to hit the spot.

Drei2.jpgThe ruffles that flow down the shaft at first seemed daunting, and when I showed it to my friends, they were in awe of how intense the texture looked. Despite it’s first impression, I actually ended up loving the sensation they provided to the inner walls of my pussy as well as my vaginal entrance. The texture wasn’t overwhelmingly noticeable but provided a great extra sensation to the pulsating.

So does the pulsation make a good alternative to the hands-free fuck machine? Without actually having experience with the later, I think I can accurately answer that question. The way the pulsator rubs against my G-spot isn’t like a partner thrusting inside of me, but reminds me of when I get fingered correctly by a partner. With each thrust, it nudges my G-spot with a softer and more precise feeling, which is different than normal sensations that you’d experience with a vibe or dildo. I love it because unlike a partner (or your own hand), it never tires!

I find that the Drei can slip out of my vagina if I’m in a position where my legs are spread open, but there’s an easy fix. Holding it lightly with a couple of fingers helps the toy stay in place without diminishing its ability to thrust. You can also use Fun Factory’s Guide to the Stronic line to find different positions that you can use the toy completely hands-free. A couple options include closing your thighs to hold the Drei in place.

While the Stronic Drei is not a cheap toy (a $200 price point), I think it’s a fantastic option for the lazy minded folk who like great, consistent G-spot (or P-spot) stimulation. It’s definitely not a fucking machine, but it’s a toy that can really get the job done. The innovation of the toy design combined with the precise sensation makes it such a worthwhile buy in my opinion.

Thanks to Castle Megastore for supplying me with the Stronic Drei in exchange for my unbiased, honest review.

Where to Buy:
Come as You Are – Canada
Good Vibrations – US & Canada
SheVibe – US & Canada

4 Replies to “Review: Fun Factory Stronic Drei”

  1. This is such a cool technology, and no one’s really been able to duplicate it (that I’ve seen, anyway). It’s good stuff. Thanks for the review!

  2. I just got an Eins for a great deal and I am in LOVE!!! It’s unique in the most useful way possible, as my g-spot loves that type of motion.

  3. I don’t enjoy internal vibrations. They do nothing to my g-spot (Mona 2) and they distract me from the clitoral stimulation I need to get off. May be thrusting could be an alternative kind of stimulation.

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