Review: Funkit Toys Cashew Nib

“Artisan,” “personalized,” “unique” and “beautiful” are probably words that one would normally associate with a ravishing wedding cake. No, I’m not reviewing a wedding cake today (I wish), but something as equally delicious and stunning. Those four words are the ones that come to mind when I think of Funkit Toys, a new, independent manufacturer of platinum silicone sex toys and wooden paddles.


Funkit Toys is the brainchild of Kenton, a sex-educator with a dream of connecting sex-education and sex-toy design, and to share his creations with the world. Kenton 3D models his toys based off of his knowledge of sexual anatomy and uses 3D printing and silicone pouring to create his insertables. Kenton also has an eye for colour, placing stripes and swirls of colour within the clear silicone toys. You can even choose which colours to add!

I requested swirls of blue in the tester Cashew Nib toy that Kenton was going to send me. Now since I was being sent a tester product the silicone that was used is a different but very similar type. The only difference being that it’s not transparent.

The Cashew Nib is a butt plug and/or dildo with a suction cup base and is made out of 100% food grade silicone. It measures 3.5 inches in insertable length and has a 1.5-inch max diameter. As its name depicts, it’s shaped like a cashew and has a nib texture on the inside of the curve. It ends with a suction cup base which is unique, as it has the ability to fold up so it can fit between the butt cheeks.


The sizing of the Cashew Nib makes it a toy that I would classify on the larger end of the medium scale. I was not used to the shape or the size of the toy when inserting it for the first time. I realized that I needed MUCH more warm up and water-based lube before being able to take the whole toy. Even as someone who is somewhat experienced with anal toys, this is the biggest anal toy I’ve successfully taken, so I would only recommend this toy to people who are at an intermediate anal level.

When in, I feel incredibly full; almost to the verge of uncomfortableness. I’m a person who loves a filled feeling, but I wouldn’t use the Nib for a long time, as the silicone felt too stiff for me to be able to sit comfortably with it in. Maybe this is due to it being the largest toy I’ve taken, maybe it’s just the sturdiness of the silicone. I’ll have to get more anal practice in to see if my comfort level improves because I can’t help but think that a more squishy material would have been more accommodating to my ass. Even so, I do like using the toy when I’m not moving too much (Hello, lazy masturbation ft. Magic Wand).

Inserting the toy anally, you can really feel the nib texture on the toy. The little bumps feel great rubbing against my asshole. Once inserted, I can’t feel them inside, but it’s nice to know they’re there. For vaginal use, the nibs provide some great sensation to my clit. My favourite thing way to use this toy is to press my Magic Wand against the toy to make it vibrate against my clit. The little bumps jive back and forth, providing the perfect amount of friction. If you’re not a fan of how the nibs look, there is another texture option called the Cashew Groove, which has horizontal grooves in replace of the nibs.


Even though Funkit Toys Cashew Nib wasn’t right for me this time around (whether that be due to my body or the silicones rigidness), I believe that many people who are experienced in anal play will like this toy. The unique silhouette in addition to the beautiful colour swirls make it a piece that I am very proud to own! I can’t wait to try more of the awesome new designs Kenton is coming up with.

This post was sponsored but as always all opinions are my own. Big thanks to Funkit Toys for sending this product my way in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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  1. I loooove the rainbow stuff that Funkit offers- I don’t own any or have even seen it in person, but it’s so gorgeous!

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