August – Wrap (it) Up

The last month of summer (sigh) is over now, and I’m having really mixed feelings about it. On one hand, school is starting so I get to consistently be with my friends and get to work on cool projects in my classes, but on the other summer is my favourite and I’m soooo not excited for the cold weather.

However! August has been fantastic and despite not being as active blogging as I had wanted to be, there have been lots of awesome, relevant happenings that I’m excited to share with you!

Sex Toys
  • To be honest, this month’s leading performer has been my hand! I’ve been so busy lately that when I get home, I’m too tired to warm up my butt, or fuck myself with a dildo. My hands are so easy because I know the motions my clit likes best without needing to put that much effort in.
  • Sliquid (an excellent lube company FYI) makes a “clitoral arousal gel” which is supposed to help increase sensations on your clit. This has been fun to experiment with and makes my vulva feel really cool!
  • And of course, my Magic Wand Rechargeable has been on call at my bedside table. Nuff said.
  • Mid-month I got to go on a coffee date with a cute boy I had been talking to for awhile. After walking around Hamilton for a bit, we went to my house where sexy times commenced. He’s a very rad guy and even fingered my ass as I was riding him reverse cowgirl. Umph, that was incredible.
  • The next Monday the same cute boy accompanied me to Oasis Aqualounge for a date (see below for more details on the event that we attended). We spent the night mingling with friends and sneaking off into corners of the club for cock sucking and clit rubbing. When I asked him if it would be okay if my friend Kate platonically spanked me, he was very enthusiastic and asked if he could watch (honestly, how cool is he?).

Sexy Events
  • At the very start of the month, I traveled to Alexandria, VA to attend the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Convention. I got the chance to meet all my internet friends in person and listen to experts in the sexuality industry spread their knowledge. The conference was the perfect amount of inspiring, welcoming and entertaining! I got spanked by Kate in front of a hotel room of more badass bloggers, and I found a muse for my multimedia thesis project! I also got to meet the infamous Nina Hartley, who told me I looked yummy.
  • I ended up visiting Oasis TWICE this month! Once for another Unicorn Night and another time for Spit’s Play Party and Live Porn Shoot! That was amazing to see some sexy, local porn talent perform in front of a room filled with a naked audience. In case you didn’t know, Spit is an ethical, feminist porn company based in Toronto! They produce some really sexy smut.
  • In non-sex related stuff, I’ve been watching Friends for the first time! It’s been on my TV list for awhile, so I’m happy I get to marathon my way through the seasons. It’s been part of my self-care practice this month: get high, watch Friends and giggle!
  • I also picked up a copy of To Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran at a used bookstore. It’s a story about a badass young girl who rebuilds herself as a hard-drinking, sex-having aspiring music writer. I’m excited to dive into the story because it sounds right down my ally.
  • This past week I’ve been a Faculty Representative for my school’s Welcome Week (or Frosh Week). Every student rep gets a Ghostbuster-esque jumpsuit that we get to paint however we like. Most reps pain on items, logos, designs that represent themselves. So to represent me I had to paint a Magic Wand Rechargeable, an nJoy Pure Plug and a Pure Wand (which I don’t have yet, but it’s on my list). I also put SEX + to represent being a part of this incredible open and inclusive community.

September is bringing some more exciting, sexy events for me! What are you looking forward too?

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