Review: D.1 Silicone by Laid

You know that favourite dildo you own? The one that sits eagerly by your bedside to be picked up, time and time again. The one that slides with the contours of your body and seems like it’s designed exactly for you. The dildo that is so familiar and comforting as you use that it barely requires effort to find the spots you need to hit. Well, this dildo I’m reviewing today is not that dildo.

The D.1 Silicone Dildo by Laid is a 100% silicone G-Spot dildo. Unrealistic in nature, the toy has an asymmetrical shape like the other toys in Laids line. The D.1 measures 7.9 inches in length, with a maximum of 4.5 inches in circumference. The silicone is sturdy with a slight give at the middle of the toys curve. The toy appears double ended but based off of Laid’s website, it should only be used with the more rounded, blunt end.

Quite unlike that favourite dildo described at the beginning of this post, the D.1 offers none of the accustomed ease I usually expect out of a dildo.  I was actually expecting to enjoy the toy, as I’m a fan hard silicone toys and toys in similar size. However the D.1 Silicone just felt foreign inside me. As I was using it, there were no instances where I was enjoying myself. Even though it can technically hit my G-Spot, the feeling that is created is awkward and verging on painful. My vagina almost wants to dispel the toy from my body, which is the exact opposite feeling you want from a dildo.

When I first pondered why I didn’t like the toy I thought of a couple different reasons. The first being that the D.1 is unrealistic. Recently I’ve been prone to using realistically modeled dildos, so maybe that could be why it wasn’t working with my body. But then I realized that I really enjoyed the Pleasure Work’s Bullseye, which is pretty far from an actual penis shape, so the type of form is not an excuse I’m buying.


Another reason I’m suspecting is the culprit behind me not liking the D.1 Silicone, is the feeling of the silicone. The type of silicone used has a slight drag to it (somewhat matte visually). I tried a condom on the toy to test my theory, but I still did not enjoy the dildo. I’m going to have to chalk my hatred up to be because of the asymmetrical shape.


If you’re a fan of the asymmetrical and curved shape the D.1 Silicone Dildo bears (like I was before I used it), then there are similar silhouettes produced by other companies out there that you can turn to. Laid even has this dildo in a lovely stone material, which I am more confident in recommending as I ended up liking Laid’s stone butt plug. The We-Vibe Rave is also an asymmetrical alternative.


I’m honestly not 100% positive as to why I didn’t like Laid’s D.1 in Silicone, as it had elements I usually like when choosing a dildo: hard silicone, a medium size, and a G-Spot specific curve. However, sometimes due to the wrong circumstances (in this case the texture of the silicone or the asymmetrical shape) the toy just wasn’t able to work for me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to try out Laid’s D.1 in Stone to see if I’m able to like the shape with a different material.

Thanks to Naughty Play Time for sending me the D.1 Silicone in exchange for an honest review!

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  1. Huh. It’s a bummer that this didn’t work for you. It happens. I have the Rave, and though I mostly use it externally, I *dig* the asymmetrical shape.

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