Review: Tantus Adam O2

At the beginning of my last post, I wrote about my ideal dildo for comparison purposes to a really horrible toy I was reviewing.

“You know that favourite dildo you own? The one that sits eagerly by your bedside to be picked up, time and time again. The one that slides with the contours of your body and seems like it’s designed exactly for you. The dildo that is so familiar and comforting as you use that it barely requires effort to find the spots you need to hit. Well, this dildo I’m reviewing today is not that dildo.”

Although that toy I reviewed did not hold the qualities I look for in a preferred dildo, I am very pleased to say my description of my ideal dildo (ideal-do?) has come to fruition.

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The Adam O2 is a 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone dildo crafted by the fine folks at Tantus.  The Adam features a prominent curve with subtle veins and a distinctive head. The base at the end of the toy makes it both harness and anal compatible. It has an insertable length of 7 inches as well as a diameter of 1.6 inches. For me, it’s a Goldilocks size: not too big, not too small. Just the right size to fill me up, although I would recommend some warm up if you’re accustomed to smaller toys.adam_4

Much like my other favourite dildo, the Vixen Bandit, the Adam O2 is made with two layers of silicone with different densities. Tantus’ Dual Density line has a hard, sturdy core and a softer outer layer with enough give to make the toy feel realistic. Compared to Vixen’s VixSkin, the O2’s formula feels much denser. The exterior layer, while still having a right amount of softness, has the ability to really pound away at my G-spot and A-spot with ease. My Bandit does this job well too but takes a little more effort to achieve that hard hitting feeling due to the softness of the VixSkin’s outer layer.

I must say, I’m very taken with the Adam O2. It’s quickly become my go-to dildo when I have felt the need to get fucked. It’s curve delightfully contours up to my G-spot (and A-spot when I thrust deeper). What I appreciate about the Adam O2 is that it achieves heavy hitting thrusts while still echoing the comfort of a penis, as opposed to some other toys that are G-spot particular that aren’t as welcoming looking.

Thanks to my friends over at Tantus for sending me this toy in exchange for my unbiased, honest review.

You can purchase the Adam O2 at Tantus! Use code REDHOTSUZ to get 15% off your Tantus order!!



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  1. My ideal-do is really similar in shape (it was part of a “package deal”, heh, from RodeOh), I’ve laughed at myself in the past for being boring but you have a great point about that reliability that is sometimes hard to find. I like your contrast of Vixskin to O2, I’ve been considering buying a dual-density and it looks like O2 is what I’m looking for. Thanks!

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