September – Wrap (it) Up

As I expected, September has been ridiculously busy for me! I started my third year of university this month, which has come will all my regular school extracurriculars plus a few new ones! Luckily I managed to quit my part-time job in hopes of better opportunities, so my time has been balanced between work and play.

Sex Toys
  • My most recent review was on the Adam O2, a beautiful dual-silicone dildo from Tantus. My review was glowing, but I still can not begin to express my love for it. The Adam O2 has been my consistent bedside buddy throughout the month of September. The toy hasn’t yet failed to give me what I need (ie. a really good fucking).
  • This month there was a couple of sales at Come As You Are, which made my decision to treat myself to a toy very easy. I’ve been drooling over the goshdarn nJoy Pure Wand for such a long time that I needed it for my collection (as well as for my G-spot). The majority of my online friends boast about it’s G-spot wizardry so when I saw the CAYA sale, I bought it almost instantly. I say almost immediately because although I love buying things for myself, my inner sub needed some reinforcement to press Order (Thanks to SugarCunt for making me do this for myself). It was such a good decision. My package arrived within two days, and the Pure Wand is AMAZING. I might have to do a review sometime soon 😉

Sexy Events
  • Bex’s birthday was this month, so naturally, Kate had to plan a spanking party for them. The duo invited some of Toronto’s finest sex-pos babes (including moi) to a little Airbnb for celebration and spanking. Each of us got to give Bex 25 spanks with our implement of choice. This was my first time spanking someone, so I was really giggly as my friends tried to instruct me from the sidelines. We live streamed the event too so more of our friends and fans could participate! I remember grinning from ear to ear as (think Cheshire Cat grin but much more sappy and sweet) as all my friends spanked, sang and talked throughout the night. I want to happy cry every time I think about how great it is that I found a community of people who are so open and accepting. If you want to get more deets on that night, check out the Storify that Kate put together!
  • MSPC.pngEarly this year I had a small seedling of an idea to create a sex-positive club at my school. I wanted to create a space on my campus that allowed people to freely talk, ask questions, and share their experiences about anything surrounding sexuality. After a serious application process and an interview, the McMaster Sex-Positive Community was ratified! My lovely friend Eva, a sex-educator / YouTuber, is my right-hand woman and I couldn’t be happier. We have lots of amazing sex-positive plans for the year!!
  • I decided to take a women’s studies course for one of my electives this semester. The course is an introduction to the history of contemporary feminist theorizing, which is sooo much more interesting than any other theory class I’ve taken. The prof is a severe Feminist babe, and you can tell he recognizes his own cis-male space amongst feminism. One of our textbooks is the book Wet, Hot and Shaking by Kaleigh Trace, a disabled, queer sex educator. I’m honestly ecstatic that what I’m learning in university is intersecting with the focus of my blog.
  • My beautiful friend Phil is interviewing me on camera about my blog for a spotlight feature in the digital section of my university’s magazine, the Silhouette! I wrote a piece earlier this year for the Sil’s valentine’s day edition, Sex and the Steel City. I’m so happy that I get to share with my school my thoughts on safe sex-toys and sex blogging! I’ll include the link here and on Twitter when the video is posted.
  • I got the chance to use vibrators for an abstract sound project early this month! I got to use a mic to record different sounds that the vibrators were making internally. The next week I had to make an abstract video to go along with the sounds. I love that I can incorporate sex-toys into my classes.

Femmy Vibez
  • This month I’ve been religiously sticking to my skin care routine. If you asked me one year ago what I did to care for my skin I wouldn’t have an answer for you; I was blessed with being resistant to acne so for awhile I didn’t bother with any care. Last January I started using cleanser, serum, and moisturizer to stop a patch of dry skin on my forehead (it was VERY noticeable when I wore foundation). Since I started keeping a routine I’ve noticed how silky smooth my face has become. I feel so fresh!
  • Glitter has slowly consumed my being. I picked up this Make Up Forever loose glitter in Silver the other day and rocked it on my lids to my school’s homecoming celebrations this weekend. I also managed to quickly (and correctly) put on false eyelashes (Velour Lashes – Fluff n’ Thick)! I was happy all my hard femme work paid off when I received a bunch of compliments throughout the day and night.


I can’t believe October is here so quickly! I’m excited to femme up for Halloween, drink hot chocolate (I’m not a PSL kinda gal), and enjoy the cooler weather!

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