Sex-Positive Art Spotlight: Sugarbones

Since entering into the sex blogging world, I’ve been on the hunt for more art and merchandise to showcase my sex-positivity. My Google searches for sex-positive art, feminist art and kink art usually come up sparse. The searches direct me to types of art that I’m not too aesthetically pleased about, or are from infrequent artists. I usually turn to Instagram to explore different sex hashtags, which can be a task within itself. Instagram is overloaded with not-so-positive sex content and doesn’t have the best search options.

Recently I’ve been putting in a serious effort into discovering more artists, not only for myself but so I can showcase them on my blog. I want to have a place where people can find various artists quickly when looking up sex-positive, kink or feminist art.

Sugarbones is a magical brand / online shop created by artist and friend Cheyenne Federiconi. Cheyenne is a self-described “little candy coated skeleton with a fetish for cute,” which I can confirm is an accurate statement of both her personality and her brand. If you take a look at the Sugarbones website, it’s a sickeningly cute showcase featuring all of Cheyenne’s art and merchandise that will not fail to satisfy your sweet tooth and kink heart.

I stumbled onto Sugarbones’ Instagram account sometime during my second semester of my first year of university. Cheyenne’s account (which has over 55.7k followers :O ) drew me in with its bubblegum aesthetic, and with products that featured feminist mottos, and kink. However, it wasn’t until a local festival in my city that I realized we both lived in Hamilton, ON. Cheyenne was at the festival selling her merch, much like she does at Hamilton’s Art Crawls and Supercrawl), and I was immediately drawn to it because, duh, her whole booth was pink. We talked for the first time, and I found out that she graduated from my school with the same major that I’m currently pursuing. Later that fall, Cheyenne announced via her Instagram account that she was hosting an art show for her new collection. So, of course, I had to go and buy more of her cute swag.

Fast forward to earlier this year when I had been blogging for more than a couple months, and started to get involved with a friendly group of fellow kinksters. During one of our frequent visits to the Brain, a hip bar, my magical friend Greg formally introduced me to Cheyenne. We all had a drink together and talked about different aspects of kink, as well as my blog. We immediately became friends, and whenever I run into her selling her art I always need to buy something. Safe to say I now own a LOT of Sugarbones merchandise and art.

What I love about Sugarbones artwork is it’s playful and imaginative but also manages to make a statement. Through Sugarbones, Cheyenne focuses on female empowerment and has used her artwork to address multiple facets of women’s issues. Her “R.I.P Body Standards” tombstone back patch, and her Fight Like a Girl collection showcase her activism art prominently. If you didn’t think Sugarbones could get any better, there is kink and sex-positive pieces within almost all of her collections. Cheyenne does an incredible job at destigmatizing the myth that kink is dirty, “naughty” and dark. She mixes kink related items with adorable, cartoon characters and bright colours.

If you’re a feminist, particularly one who is femme and/or into kink, Sugarbones is the place to go if you’re looking to add some badass artwork to yourself or your walls. Not only is her art and products beautiful, but they’re also inspiring. She’s a one woman, Canadian operation that designs and fights bad guys full time, so please go support her if you can!

You can find Sugarbones on Instagram @sugarbone, at, or by clicking any link within this post.

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