Review: Doxy Die Cast Extra Powerful Massage Wand

The Die Cast Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator is a wand vibrator created by Doxy, and is the luxury version of Doxy Wand Original. The main difference between the two being the Die Cast’s sleek, titanium body. The wand is topped by a silicone head and features three, big, silicone buttons down the handle; one for power, the other two being a + and – to cycle through the speeds. It also features a pulse function when the power button is held down for three seconds during start up. The Die Cast uses an A/C plug in and comes in Silver, Red, Purple, Black and White.


Doxy as a company is a relatively new manufacturer to the scene, having launched in 2013. Since their opening, the company is not only making waves of the orgasmic nature but waves in the sex toy industry as well. Doxy clearly cares about their customers as they offer a 12 month warranty on all products, support sex bloggers and sponsor conferences like Eroticon and Woodhull. The company’s investment into supporting organizations and people that advocate for sexual rights and freedoms shows that they are backing causes that provide a heavy return for their customers. Not only that but they support other local companies like Godemiche and artist-to-the-sex-bloggers, Starboots.

One of my favourite toys is my Magic Wand Rechargeable, so it’s no surprise that I had a yearning for the Doxy Original or the Doxy Die Cast. I had heard that the wand had rumbly vibrations that made it easy for anyone to climax quickly. A grandiose claim, yes, albeit honest, as the majority of the sex blogging community prides themselves on being completely transparent when reviewing. Safe to say, when I finally got the offer to review a Doxy, I jumped at the chance. I first had to consult resident wand queen and friend Sarah about which one I should get to review. Sarah instructed me to go for the Die Cast, as the difference between it and the Original wasn’t big enough not to go for the luxurious one. Since I haven’t used the Original, check out this comparison review by Dangerous Lilly if you are considering the Doxy Original.


Red isn’t normally a colour I’m drawn to, but the way Doxy mixed the red for the Die Cast line made me want it immediately. The wand’s red shimmers like the ruby red slippers that Dorothy wears in the Wizard of Oz. I had always wanted a pair of my own “There’s No Place Like Home” shoes, so a sparkling red Doxy Die Cast was the next best thing. The body not only looks magnificent but feels that way as well. The metal body is cool to the touch (when not in use) and feels sleek in my hands. The Die Cast is heavy, but not burdening.

My Doxy Die Cast came in a sturdy box, with foam shaped to the wand’s silhouette. Luxurious indeed, although I’m not sure if I’d use this box if I happened to be on the go. For storage purposes, it’s great, as the Doxy is a corded vibrator and the cord fits perfectly within its case. Speaking of cables, even though I’m not used to using rechargeable vibes I didn’t find any problems with needing to plug in. Even if I didn’t have an outlet directly beside my bed, I don’t think I’d have a problem as the cord is very long. Even if the cord did bother me, the Doxy makes up for it with power.

doxy3If the vibrations of the MWR were a bulldozer, the Doxy would be a volcano. Okay, maybe it’s not that drastic of a difference, but I don’t know enough of about power machinery, or other powerful items / animals to make a fitting metaphor. This wand takes the power levels of the MWR to the next step, although that’s not necessarily something my clit always prefers. While the Die Cast is certainly more rumbly, it starts off at a setting that I would equate to the 2nd level of the Magic Wand. If that wasn’t overwhelming enough for me, the jump between power levels on the Doxy itself surprised my clit. It goes 0 – 100 real quick in between each setting. Usually, I stick to the lower levels of the MWR, so using the Die Cast for me requires some warm up. It’s not that I don’t appreciate how powerful it is because I do believe a group of people out there have been looking for the amount of force the Doxy delivers. If I’m feeling I need a little more power, I’ll take out my Die Cast, but the majority of the time I’ll reach for my Magic Wand.

If you’re a power fiend, you need a Doxy in your life. Now if you’re a power enthusiast on a budget or one who doesn’t care for the swanky extras, then you’d be perfectly fine with getting a Doxy Original. The Doxy Die Cast is for lovers of strong vibrators who appreciate the sex toy art form and want the added luxuries.

Thanks to Doxy for generously providing me with the Doxy Die Cast in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

You can get a Doxy Die Cast at SheVibe for $189.99!
At Come As You Are for $254.99 CAD!
Or the Doxy Original at SheVibe for $109.99

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4 Replies to “Review: Doxy Die Cast Extra Powerful Massage Wand”

  1. I have (and loooove) the MWR, so I couldn’t really justify buying a Die Cast even if I did have the money, but… fuck, they’re pretty. Love the red. The ruby slipper comparison is totally on point.

  2. I love the red die cast, but I couldn’t get it. I have the chrome one. But I’m having trouble finding how to make it work. I love power but I’m more of a pinpoint stim needer, so I’ve bought the Nuzzle tip. It gets a lot of use as a massager though.

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