November – Wrap (it) Up

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I’m very happy it’s the start of December. My semester is almost done, and the holidays are right around the corner. November hasn’t been all that bad though (despite the US election news.) I ended up having a pretty fantastic month 🙂

Sex Toys
  • I recently got a nice package from We-Vibe in the mail. I had never tried any We-Vibe products before, so I was especially excited to get the box in the mail. It contained one of the toys that has been on my wish list for a while: the Tango! It’s a rumbly bullet vibrator that many of my blogging friends have raved about. I’m happy to report that I too have found it amazing. It’s been my regular pick this month when I’ve wanted a toy.
  • I seriously need to write a review on the nJoy Pure Wand, because it’s just too good. I’ve been using it solo throughout the month, and I even used it in front of a partner which was super hot for both of us. I guess my G-spot has been craving hard thrusts this month.
  • I don’t own this toy, but I really, really a Godemiche Ambit. Godemiche just released a collaboration with Yummy Gummy Latex, and the result is astounding. The teal / aqua glitter represents me to the core.
  • Words cannot describe how spectacular the threesome I had with Kate and her fuckbuddy this month, but I’ll try. Us blogger babes had been talking about threesoming for a while but had not had the chance until one Monday night party, early in November. More than a few drinks deep, Kate not-so-subtly propositioned myself and her gentleman friend to join her in bed afterward. Later, when the rest of the guests had departed, the three of us commenced the most blissful threesome I’ve ever had the honour of being apart of. The night included lots of giggling, dick sucking and fingerbanging. A++ way to start the month.
  • I got the chance to write an essay about sex blogging! For my current women’s studies theory class. I wrote about sex blogging and it’s relation to different types of feminisms over the years. I learned a lot about the history of sex blogs and how writing about sex (as a feminist action) has evolved. Once I get the essay marked, I’m planning on sharing it here on my blog!
  • Every Wednesday morning I get to wake up to a fresh new episodes of The Dildorks. Bex and Kate dive through all topics sex related, all while being the hilarious and brilliant beings they are. I recommend checking them out (they’re available through every podcast app)!
Femme Vibez
  • I’ve been religiously wearing a pinkish nude lip this month, as I haven’t really had time to do any full glam makeup looks. I’ve been using a sample of the GEN Nude Matte Liquid lip colour from bareMinerals. It happens to be very close to what my natural lip colour is so it’s almost the perfect nude. It’s a little too creamy for my taste, and it rubs off easily, but it’s gorgeous. Also, the name of the colour is Swag, which is probably the worst thing ever but oh well.
  • When I did have time to do my makeup, I’ve been living in glitter. I love putting a little pop of it on my lids or the inner corners of my eye. My favourite this month has been the Make Up For Ever Multicolored White 3 – iridescent white glitter.
  • Some of my fave femmes and I have made plans for NYE! Originally we were going to make a trip to New York, but Airbnb renters didn’t want us 🙁 . Now we’re going with our backup plan and renting a cute place in Toronto for a couple of nights. I’m so excited to spend the most femme of holidays with these glitzy gals!

Are you looking forward to anything exciting in December? I have some special blog posts planned for the holiday season which I’m very excited to share with all of you!

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