Best Weird Gifts for White Elephant – Sex Edition!


*Disclaimer: When I say weird, bizarre or any synonym of these words, I mean them in a positive way! It’s not bad or looked down upon to want to own anything on this list :)*

White Elephant (otherwise known as Yankee Swap) is a popular gift-giving game usually played in December at holiday gatherings. It’s popular at work parties and larger family functions so that you only need to buy one present, instead of buying something small for everyone at the event. This way everyone walks away with a gift. You can read the rules here.

A lot of groups play this game with a fun twist: that all gifts should be outside the norm. I’ve seen items from tampon flasks to blow up animals; any unusual present that you usually wouldn’t buy for yourself. And because I’m a sex blogger and have happened across some ridiculous/awesome/peculiar toys and novelties, I’ve decided to curate a White Elephant / Yankee Swap Gift List – Sex Edition!

Here are my top suggestions that will help you surprise your coworkers or impress your sex-positive friends!

  • In Case of Emergency Break Glass – This is a super easy gift that you can DIY yourself (or buy if you want)! All you need is a thrifted picture frame, some lettering and a fresh condom or dental dam! Maybe even include a sample of some water-based lube if you’re feeling generous!


  • Mad Toto Sleeping Mask – The Mad Toto sleeping mask / blindfold  was given to bloggers at this years Woodhull. We thought they were hilarious, and I’m sure someone in your network would too. Imagine trying to seduce someone while they were blindfolded, and looking up to see this on their face?? Plus it comes free with 20 dollars worth of products (pipe protectors, stash holders)!

  • 3D Clit – A really exciting piece of education material debuted this year for sex-educators: The 3D clitoris! Although mainly used for teaching school children about anatomy, I’m sure it won’t hurt to remind your friends that the clit exists.






  • Vulva Puppet – This puppet is not only adorable, but anatomically correct! It can be used to teach lessons about vulvas in a positive way and is a great addition to anyone’s household.



  • Fetish Sheet Set – This adorable sheet set, duvet cover, pillow cases and PJ set are the perfect White Elephant gift. It’s practical, kinky, funny (if it ends up with a vanilla person) and subtle, all at the same time!



  • Slube! – Slube is a product that comes in a powder form, and when added with water creates slime-like lube. It’s a genius idea for those who like a little lubrication with their bath, but also so unique and weird that it would surprise even the most advanced sex nerds.


  • Tail Butt Plug – Crystal Delights carries the best products for furry fantasies! These glass butt plugs can be adorned with faux tails of different animal styles and colours. Who knows, maybe your friends will secretly enjoy them?


  • I Hear Guts Plushies – These stuffed guts are the perfect addition to any sex enthusiasts home decor. They’re also a friendly way to introduce new partners to new parts of the body 😉 From left to right: Uterus, Prostate, Rectum, Testicle.


  • Butt Slapping Lamps – $229 USD has NEVER been so worth it.



Photo credit: Etsy seller DaisyChainOnline,, G Zachariah White via, Feminique Boutique via Yelp, Come As You Are,,, Crystal Delights, Pic Jumbo.


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