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Up until this point in time, I have not owned a successful bullet vibrator. The few that have frequented my room were always shitty promo material given out for free at Pride or with a condom purchase. Made not to be sold. Or if they were sold, they were priced superbly low. So low that, even as a student, I wouldn’t want to buy it. Due to the shitty bullet’s unfortunate abundance in the sex toy market, I didn’t think there was any good in the world of petite vibrators. That was until I was introduced to the We-Vibe Tango.

The whole toy is 8 cm in length, 0.6 cm in width and is made out of ABS plastic (which is body safe). This thing is tiny and should only be used externally! It closely resembles a lipstick, as it is similarly sized, tube-shaped, and ends in a diagonal slant. It charges for 90 minutes via USB / magnetic connection to get a maximum 2 hour run time. The Tango has a one-year warranty that covers defective product replacement.

All of the operations of the vibe are controlled through one single button at the base. Through this button, users can power the device on and off (by holding down the button for 3 seconds), as well as cycle through patterns and power levels. As much as I respect the need to save space on the Tango, one button sex toy designs are somewhat of a hassle for eager users, as you have to circle through the whole line of patterns and levels to get back to the one you want.

Enough of the stats. Let’s get onto why I, despite the one button design, love this lil’ vibe so much.

As I said in my 2016 Favourites post: As a shark is drawn to blood, my clit is to the Tango. Or vice versa, as it targets my clit with agility and precision. The vibrations are deep and pinpointed reaching down into my vulva, providing me with an incredibly wonderful sensation. I can only squirt via specific & intense clit stimulation, and the Tango manages to make my body do so. I get best results if I hold the toy lightly against my clitoris as some of the vibrations are weakened by applying too much pressure.

The vibrations are also extremely quiet for their power. On it’s the highest level, the toy is inaudible from the rooms next to mine (as yes, I tested this.) We-Vibe has managed to liquefy the Magic Wand’s magic and pour it into a small cylinder of lipstick-sized hope.

If the vibrations haven’t sold you, the Tango is also amazing for many other reasons.

  1.  The petite size of this vibe makes it SO easy to carry in a sex tote, or in your bag/purse/backpack.
  2.  It’s fully waterproof + it’s rumbly vibrations don’t diminish under water.
  3. It’s versatile! You can use this on your own, or in a non-obtrusive way with a partner or toy (it fits easily between any size bodies). It also can be used IN toys have a space for a bullet vibe (like a butt plug or dildo) so you can amp up the vibrations on your insertables.

Strong, silent, waterproof, rechargeable and rumbly. The Tango is literally the polar opposite of everything I ever thought a small vibe could be. While the Tango carries a similar power level of the Magic Wand, it’s an entirely different toy all together which I praise it for.

Thanks to We-Vibe for generously providing me with the Tango in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.You can get the Tango at Peepshow Toys for $80 USD – Use code REDHOT for 10% off! Or at Come As You Are for $80 CAD!

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  1. This has been on my list for a while… Do you think the vibrations would carry when worn in a harness or is its strength mostly in the tip?

    1. Hey! Although it’s slightly stronger at the tip, it does vibrate throughout the whole body! I unfortunately lost mine though, so I’m not 100% sure.

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