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I’d like to preface this review with the fact that I did not expect much out of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. When Peepshow asked if they could send me a unit, I agreed (who wouldn’t the Penguin is adorable), but was overall curious to see if it would work for me.

The Pro Penguin, made by Satisfyer, is a suction sex toy. It uses non-vibrating air-pulsation technology and is designed to be used on a clitoris but can be used on other body parts (i.e., nipples). The Penguin is waterproof, rechargeable and has 11 different modes of suction. The toy is made out of ABS plastic and silicone and retails for under $70 CAD / $50 USD. The Pro Penguin is also nominated for XBIZ 2017 Toy of the Year.

Close your eyes and imagine what it might feel like to put a small, very quiet, vacuum cleaner up against your genitals. A fleeting idea I’m sure many of us had growing up sans sex toys. Sucking is good, so vacuum, yes? I’m not recommending to do this, but if the thought has ever crossed your mind you may want to invest in a Satisfyer Pro Penguin. The sucking sensation the Penguin creates (while on my clit) mimics both what I think a tiny, soft vacuum would feel like, AND the best oral sex I’ve experienced receiving.

My current partner performs the best cunnilingus I’ve received from anyone ever. He (and his tongue) are meticulous, passionate and patient; three qualities that are under-represented in my generation’s oral skill repertoire. As much as his goal is to make me cum, he takes his time testing different techniques (more people should do this FYI). I find it hard to explain the feeling of oral, but he usually does some swirling, sucking thing with his mouth and eventually brings a finger to my G-spot to finish me off. I always needed a finger to help come during oral sex; that is until the Pro Penguin entered my life.

A couple of weeks ago, in the morning before a date with my guy, the Penguin arrived at my doorstep. I wasn’t planning on testing it right then and there, but I had a sudden urge to make time for it in my busy schedule. I immediately hopped to it and pressed the silicone nozzle to my clit. At first, it was a sensation I wasn’t sure if I was liking, but as it was sucking away, I could feel my face getting slowly hotter. I bumped up the frequency/power and found myself being amazed at the suckling sensation the Penguin was giving me. I soon needed to grab some towels to put underneath me as I was overwhelmed with feeling that I was going to squirt, which I later did.

Fast-forward to the next morning when my guy and I are waking up and starting to make out. Eventually, his kisses travel south, and he starts making magic happen with his mouth. With the experience of the Pro Penguin fresh in my mind, I was noticing similarities in between what he was doing and the sucking of the toy. I told him to continue what he was doing, even told him not to use his fingers, because I had a feeling he was going to be able to make me squirt. I can make myself squirt by using toys, but it’s been a personal goal to have someone else make it happen with hands, mouth or cock. He continued what he was doing until I ended up climaxing all over his face. I was kinda amazed and proud for the both of us.

Knowing what the Penguin could make me do alone helped me mimic that response with a partner. Hence the last brag-filled paragraphs. Obviously, there was a combination of factors happening at that moment – his skill level, our connection, my feelings towards myself at the time. I think that testing the Pro Penguin alone abled me to let my guard down, and to feel comfortable enough to squirt, in that exact way, with my guy. It’s common for people to learn how to orgasm a certain way by themselves first, so this scenario is not limited to the wonders of the Penguin. It just so happened that for me, it the Penguin was the one to make me come in a way I hadn’t before.


SO I LOVE THE PRO PENGUIN. However, the toy and its manufacturing company, Satisfyer, are not perfect. These are some things I would consider before deciding to buy:

  • Womanizer is a company who, this year, came out with the first sucking sex toy. Satisfyer has copied Womanizer’s design. The Penguin has a very different shaped body but uses the same technology to make it work.
  • That being said, between the two companies, there are enough non-vibrating air-pulsing toys to find the right one that fits your body. I was lucky that the Penguin fit well to my vulva and clit. The Penguin is the only sucking toy I’ve tried so be sure to check out this comparison list to see what may work for you.
  • The toy doesn’t feel super high end. The small silicone nozzle falls out very easily, be wary of it getting lost.
  • It always takes some adjusting for me to find the right spot where the nozzle should sit (I also occasionally change its place during masturbation). The toy does work well with too much applied pressure.

I honestly love this toy so much. It’s meticulous and patient and provides a sensation that the sex toy industry had been lacking up until this year. It carries all the best features a sex toy could have: waterproof, rechargeable and quiet! The Pro Penguin feels like my ideal oral sex, which makes it the toy I reach for on the days that I’m hankering for cunnilingus and my partner’s not around.

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for generously providing me with the Penguin Pro in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

You can get the Pro Penguin at Peepshow Toys for $50 USD – Use code REDHOT for 10% off!
Or at Come As You Are for $70 CAD!

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5 Replies to “Review: Satisfyer Pro Penguin”

  1. I lust after one of those toys (the whole Womanizer/Satisfyer air pulsation line) sooooo much, but alas, am a broke-ass grad student. Still, if it’s decent, $50 is significantly less than I just spent on a textbook that will bring me *significantly* less pleasure. Hmmmm. Thanks for the review!

  2. The Penguin is a really cute shape, but I wish it wasn’t in pink and pink only- obviously black and white would be amazing!
    I’m so excited to try my new suction toy (I got a really good deal on a Womanizer, but I was considering the Penguin for a while), and also to hear about another person who can squirt without gspot pressure- I thought I was so weird!

  3. Is there a difference between this and the pro 2? I cant really decide which one i want.. only differences I notice is the color, nozzle head and size..

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