2016 – Wrap (it) Up

HELLO 2017!!

2016 was a ride, friends. The year was horrible globally, yet personally, it was one of the best times of my life. I feel selfishly happy with how great the last twelve months have been for me, but at least I can say that my life was my silver lining amongst the trash fire.  I wrote my first review on January 8th, 2016, so my experience of this year has greatly been influenced by being a (baby) blogger. If only Suz a year ago had known of the amazing adventures, this blog would take her on.

Through blogging about sex, I’ve gotten to learn so much about my body and sexual interests, as well as become more educated on issues within the sexuality industry and within the world. I’ve become much better at unpacking and viewing my privilege, as well as identifying my oppressions. Mainly because I get to discuss and critically evaluate varying topics with my online blogging community, as well with my communities IRL.

I am forever grateful I stumbled my way into the sex-positive / kink scene in Toronto and the #BlogSquad sex blogging community online. Twitter played a visceral role in connecting me with a long list of sex-positive babes, some of which are now my closest friends. I’m trying not to cry while writing this but it’s been an absolute honour to have been welcomed into such an inclusive, open group of people. I have never felt more like myself around these individuals. <3

Being apart of the sex-positive community has lead me to some interesting situations. This year alone I attended one spanking birthday party, two sex conferences, three kink socials, a sex club four times, participated in five threesomes and attended six sexy story telling events. WOW. 2016 has also spewed out countless Tinder dates, goddess gatherings, and just under 2000 Tweets.

Speaking of Tweets, the other day I thought it would be fun to go back through my Twitter timeline to remind myself of all the times I felt the need to give my thoughts to the world. I decided to record it too, so here’s my new year’s gift to you.

(I apologize if I’m a bit low-energy or mumbling / if my jokes are bad, I was a little high at the time.)

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  1. I literally had a dream that I had a glittery pink strap-on in the exact shape of the one on your forehead (lol).

    On a more serious note, it’s super cool and quite reassuring that there is so much acceptance of new bloggers in the community. The fact that you attended some relevant conferences is a big milestone for many people, and it’s interesting to listen to your tweets and track your perceptions of your progress. You wow, go you.

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