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fun factory bootie small

I have a confession: I haven’t been as into butt stuff as I used to be (sad trombone sound.) If you had talked to me last year, I was flinging myself at every opportunity to play with my ass. During sex, I would be wearing a butt plug or be stimulated by my various partner’s fingers. While I was masturbating, I would ALWAYS be wearing a plug and thinking of a cock penetrating my asshole. My love for anal at that time could only be described as having an unquenchable thirst.

While I did have my fair share of fun then, I’ve noticed over the past five months that my need to reach for a butt plug has been few and far between. I blame my behavior on the lack of partner interest and some health problems (anal fissures aren’t fun.) As I consider myself an anal enthusiast I was disappointed that I wasn’t craving a nice butt plug at all anymore. But I’ve been secretly awaiting the day that the excitement would return.

Luckily my interest did return when Vibrant reached out to me to ask if I wanted to try the Fun Factory Bootie in Small. The plug is recommended by a lot of my fellow bloggers and friends, so I thought it could be a perfect way to re-introduce myself to butt stuff. The Bootie is 1.1 inches wide and 3 inches long, so it is a great butt plug for beginners or those who are revisiting anal play (like me!)

Much like Fun Factory’s other toys, the Bootie is adorable. It has a nice curvature to the shape mimics the famous come-hither motion that is so popular with male prostate play. I don’t have a prostate, but the curve is delightful nonetheless. The top is tapered slightly which makes it effortless to slide into my butt with the help of some nice water-based lube.

fun factory bootie small

What I love about the Bootie is that it’s comfortable. It’s 100% silicone design is equally both squishy and firm. The soft and squishiness of the silicone make it forgiving to a butt that hasn’t seen a butt plug in awhile, or even ever. The soft material makes the flared base barely noticeable when I’m sitting with it in and comfortable for resting between my butt cheeks. The Bootie still holds a slight firmness, though so it can be easily inserted without flopping around and that it can comfortably stay stable when inside.

I love the silicone that Fun Factory used to make the Bootie, but it does have some complaints, from me and from other users. My gripe is that it collects dust very easy (as seen in my pictures), which can be fixed by rinsing it under water before use. Other users have experienced that this silicone tends to hold smells, but I have not experienced that myself.

I’m usually hesitant to call a toy a “beginners toy” because bodies are so diverse that it’s impossible to tell if my perception is on the pulse of what the majority thinks. My small might be someone else’s large, you never know. With the Bootie, however, I have full confidence that this is a great beginner butt plug, and I would recommend it even over my nJoy Pure Plug, for that purpose. It’s cheap too, so beginners don’t have to spend a lot to determine whether they want to continue exploring anal.

Thanks to Vibrant for generously providing me with the Fun Factory Bootie in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

You can get the Fun Factory Bootie (in Small) at Vibrant for $35 USD – All proceeds from Vibrant go to Planned Parenthood!
Or at Come As You Are for $45 CAD!
Looking for the Bootie in a larger size? Peepshow Toys and Come As You Are have it in Medium and Large

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