January 2017 – Wrap (it) Up


January has been an emotional month for the world. I’ve felt this both personally and politically.  Great ways to show your political support is to donate to the cause and show up to protests. While it may seem silly to write about my favourite things from the past month,  sex is political and self-care (which yes, can include masturbation and everything on this list) is important. Especially during these hard times. Hopefully this list can make ya smile, or inspire you to do something that makes you smile.

Sex Toys

  • I’ve been lusting after the Ambit Godemiche since November, so when Christmas rolled around I knew what I was treating myself to. In use, it’s not a particularly amazing toy – it is quite good, but not over the top greatness. The real reason it’s on this list is because it’s honestly one of the prettiest dildos I own. It earned a place on my shelf where my nJoy Pure Wand & Pure Plug sit in their luxe boxes.
  • Now, I talk about the We-Vibe Tango a lot. Mainly because it’s an amazing toy and I bring it with me (almost) everywhere I go. Over Christmas break, I packed up a couple of small sex toys to bring with me to my aunt’s house. Unfortunately, despite not even using my Tango, it got lost and left behind :(. I got my aunt to check the room for it after I left, because I love it so much. I even had a dream depicting the moment I found it, but woke up to disappointment. So back on the CAYA wishlist the Tango goes.
  • I reviewed the Satisfyer Pro Penguin late in December, and I’ve been picking it up regularly ever since. I think I’ve been using it more than my Magic Wand this past month. It’s suctioning head feels amazing on my clit. The Penguin is also the perfect companion to help me fantasize about oral sex – which I’ve been doing a lot of lately, as the guy I’m seeing is far away from me, and I miss him.


  • I’ve really enjoyed mastering taking nudes with my Instax Mini 8 (another acquirement from the Christmas haul). The tone of the prints make my skin look soft and well toned. There’s something magical about seeing your nude body in a real life print. I got to gift a couple of the smutty prints to someone for a present too 😉

Instax Mini 8 instant pictures of naked body

  • In case you have not noticed, my website looks a little different! I’m not quite sure I’m in love with the new theme yet, but it’s meeting some needs the old site was not. I’m sure I’ll have it changed to something new before next month, but for now this is it!
  • For the first time in my life I had to watch 50 Shades of Grey. It was for my Women in Visual Culture class. I decided to live tweet the whole thing to share my opinions. You can find out what I really thought in this thread.

Femme Vibez

  • After more than a year and a half, I finally got a haircut! Curly hair has to be handled in a very specific way (the DevaCurl method), so I’ve been putting off finding a good hairdresser in my area. I am happy to say that I found someone who is a curly hair expert, and I entrusted her with my locks for an afternoon a couple weeks ago. My curls are now renewed, bouncy and hydrated. I bought a HUGE thing of my favourite DevaCurl Conditioner on the way out  so I can continue to keep my hair healthy.
  • Early in January, the guy I’m seeing left to go to a different province for a work opportunity. The day he left I was very tearful and wasn’t really in the mood to do much other than mope. While I was at work my friend Em, messaged our group chat and asked if anyone wanted to get pierced with her. I’ve been meaning to get my nose re-pierced for years. I also happen to find changing my femme appearance (like doing my makeup) helpful when I’m feeling depressed, so I immediately agreed to go with her.
  • In the middle of the month, I joined Kate and Sarah on a fun, femme expedition to the Eaton Centre. We shopped until we literally dropped (I sat on the floor at some point – shopping malls exhaust me). We shopped for cute bralettes, underwear, and makeup. I picked up an Aerie bralette and a Mac liquid lipstick in Lady-Be-Good. I’ve been wearing both all month.

Yesterday's cleave.

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  • Before we began our expedition to the shopping mall, Kate and I met up at Warby Parker in Toronto. I was in dire need for new glasses having not changed my prescription in almost 5 years. I think I probably tried on almost every glasses pair in the small store, but I eventually decided on this sexy pair. Kate says they have a sexy librarian vibe, which I’m totally loving.

And that’s it for January! February already has a lot of sexy events lined up, and even an exciting collab with Kate and Taylor.

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