Review: We-Vibe Sync – My First “Couples” Vibrator

we-vibe sync outside of case with remote

I am perpetually uncoupled. While I’ve had many sexual partners and have continuously dated people throughout my sexually active years, I’ve never been in a long term serious relationship. This isn’t out of choice, but circumstance. Although, yes, there’s definitely a small amount of commitment phobia on my part.

Due to never being one half of a permanent duo, I have a different perspective on sex toys then a pair might have. Not only do I get to test toys with little to no input from another person (or people), but I shy away from sex toys that are branded as couple specific. The best example would be the We-Vibe’s line of couples toys. We-Vibe is known, even in mainstream culture, for their well-designed toys for couples. I never had an interest in owning one, just because I didn’t think I fit the demographic of the toy (which is still very true). However, as a sex blogger, I decided that I needed to make myself try something out of my comfort zone. So when We-Vibe shipped my Tango (now lost, RIP), they included the We-Vibe Sync, the latest version of the popular couples toy design.

The We-Vibe Sync is a hands-free vibrator that aims to stay stationary during intercourse. It is designed in a U-shape, part of which goes inside the vagina, near the G-spot, and the other part rests on the vulva, on top the clit. It’s 41.7mm’s high and 74.8mm’s long. The Sync is finished with smooth silicone and has a light texture on the inside of each end. It contains two motors, one in the insertable part and one on the external piece. It comes with a remote control as well as a Bluetooth connected app that can control the 4 speeds and 6 patterns. It’s also waterproof and rechargeable, and available in robin egg blue, and purple.

Now reviewing a couples toy as a single-ish* person is difficult, mainly being that I can only consider it from the perspective of the vulva haver. I have no idea what the Sync feels like from someone who has a penis, and I have no idea what it’s like to use it with another body in the mix. I have also have not tried the previous iterations of the toy, the Classic, the 4 Plus or the Unite.

The Good – What I Enjoyed

  • App + Remote
    • The Sync has one button on the toy itself, which cycles through the patterns and intensities. While it works fine, We-Vibe has two better ways of controlling the toy. The first is the We-Connect app, which is beautiful. As a multimedia student, it’s my nature to critique media usability and interfaces, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the app was seamless to use and easy on the eyes. This app can be used to connect with long distance partners as it has an option for them to control the vibe. You can make your own patterns, which you can save for later, and manage the intensities of both the motors seperately. The remote is pretty decent and comes in handy more when I’m watching porn on my phone. It can work up to 10 feet away from the Sync.
  • Case / Charger
    • The case on this toy acts as both an organizational tool and a charger! How cool is that! The Sync clicks into place, and the remote fits snugly beside it. The cover can protect the toy from dust and unwanted eyes, plus it holds it all together so if you’re traveling, you can chuck it in your backpack without worrying if all the parts are getting lost. The case can be closed while charging, as the android charger port is on the outside of the base. The Sync has a maximum charge time of 2 hours and can be used for up to 90 minutes. This is such a high-quality design.
  • External Vibrations
    • The external vibrations on the Sync pack a punch. The external part of the Sync uses the very same motor as my ye’ old favourite Tango, so it’s not surprising it feels good. The vibrations are slightly muted due to the shape and material difference, but it has the right amount of power to clit happy.
  • Hinges / Customizability
    • Without using them, I know that a big flaw of the Classic and the 4 Plus was that they only came in two sizes. This type of vibrator, because it uses the vulva to stay in place, needs to customizable. It’s impossible to make a design that will hold onto everyone, as vulvas are so unique and varying. The Sync fixes it’s predecessors problems by including two hinges in the design. You can move the toy in so many different forms that it just might fit every vulva in the world.
Sync Hinge Comparison
Four of the endless possible positions you can create with the Sync

The Bad – What I Didn’t Enjoy

  • Price
    • It’s $199 US and comes with a two-year warranty. If We-Vibe hadn’t sent me this toy, it’s something I would not be shelling out money for. I would closely consider all your needs before investing in this toy.  Currently the Sync is 20% off at SheVibe through 02/16.
  • The internal vibrations / G-spot stimulation
    • To me the internal piece of the Sync is just there for holding it all together. I can barely feel the vibrations and it does nothing for my G-spot.
  • Penetration
    • When I tried the Sync with a medium sized dildo, and the Sync seemed to quickly come unattached from its appropriate position. This was annoying, but I don’t think it would do the same thing with an actual penis. I believe that this was because both toys were made out of silicone. I also needed a lot of lube to be able to fit both the internal part of the Sync and the dildo in my vagina. If you’re someone who can’t take much girth, then I would recommend passing on this for now. The Sync is condom compatible, just remember to use more lube than you normally would.

We-Vibe Sync in front of base with remote

  • Accessibility Concerns
    •  The Sync takes some adjusting to get your customizated fit once it is inside (I personally do it this way, but it can be done before insertion as well). It’s important to note that if you have mobility or joint issues, then it may be difficult to adjust to your select shape.
    • Some folks (like The Frisky Fairy and Dangerous Lilly) have reported that the Sync is not accessible for fat bodies.The We-Vibe Connect app connects to the Sync via Bluetooth, which doesn’t always work for fat folks or folks with fleshy labia. While I am plus size myself, I am on the smaller end so I have not encountered such a problem, but this is something to be wary of.

My Final Thoughts

The We-Vibe Sync is a high-quality toy, with lots of great qualities. For couples looking for a device that vibrates without the need to hold it in place yourself, then this is a great option. Of course, if any of the problems I outlined seem to have you questioning if you’d like it, then I would pass. Personally, I would use this again but only with a partner, but only because I have it on hand. I know that I definitely prefer separate sex toys, but for a “couples” toy, it’s pretty great.

Thanks to We-Vibe for generously providing me with the Sync in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

You can get the Sync at the following retailers:

SheVibe (US) for $159.99 US until 02/17

Come As You Are (CA) for $237 CAD

Vibrant (US) for $150 US until 02/08 with code LovePP

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* I currently identify as single, despite dating someone.

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  1. After just a short time of owning one the internal vibrator quit working and the silicone has loosened so much it has become loud and difficult to charge.

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