February 2017 – Wrap (it) Up

2017 is FLYING by. I can’t believe it’s March already! While I didn’t post as much as I wanted to on my blog, I managed to accomplish plenty – and that’s why this post is surprisingly long . This past month included various sex blogger adventures,  fave new products, and one very sexy night.

Sex Toys

  • nJoy Pure Plug
    • Since getting back into butt stuff with my FF Bootie plug, I’ve started getting my body back to being used to using butt toys. Naturally, I began using my medium Pure Plug as soon as I felt my body was ready for it. And I’ve used it a lot this month. What can I say, the heavy steel feels amazing in my ass.
  • Nipple Suckers
    • I bought some nipple suction things from Come As You Are when I was in need of something to make my cart more than $50 (CAYA has free shipping in Canada over this amount). I’ve frequently fantasized about nipple suction in the past, so I thought this could be a fun opportunity to try something new. My nipples aren’t that sensitive, so the suckers don’t have much of a sensational effect. The cool thing about these is that I can see a change in my nipples instantly; my nipples get hard and swell up. Bodies are cool!
  • We-Vibe Tango
    • In January, I lost my Tango. I bought myself a new one for Valentine’s day and I’m very, very happy.


  • Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski
    • I’ve been devouring this sex-ed masterpiece for the last month. Since I joined the sex-positive community over a year ago, I’m constantly hearing Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski referenced and praised. It’s a book that looks at the history of sex research critically, all while reassuring you that your body, your desires, and your relationships are perfectly normal. Nagoski explores female sexuality scientifically as well as how and why we experience desire. I think everyone that has sex should read this book at some point in their lives; it gives perspective into the ways in which bodies and brains work in relation to arousal.

Ordered up some sex blogger necessities from CAYA.

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  • Instagram and Twitter
    • I recently passed 1000 followers on Instagram, and I’m very close to passing 2000 followers on Twitter!! #humblebrag. I’m so happy to be growing my brand on both of these platforms. If you’re not following me, Twitter and IG are best ways to find out what I’m up to and to know when new content is posted.
  • Professional Nudes!
    • Smol babe and good friend, Madeline Neumann Photography, shoot my professional nudes / boudoir pics this month! Maddy is such an amazing photographer, and I highly recommend her for your portrait photography, if you are in the GTA. Not only will she make you smile and laugh throughout the shoot, she also might bring Tim Horton’s potato wedges to share.

Sexy Events

  • Erotic Arts and Crafts Craft Fair run by Come As You Are
    • CAYA put on an incredible craft fair at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto earlier this month. Lots of unique vendors, including pals Luna Matatas, Samantha Fraser Tynan Rhea, sold their fabulous erotic, self-care, and kink art. I had such a good time shopping; I bought two sets of earrings, a handmade essential oil, and a framed cross stitch.

  • Dungeon Photoshoot
    • Kate invited Taylor and me to Ritual Chamber, a dungeon in West Toronto for a photo shoot! With Taylor as our photographer, Kate and I posed as a Domme and Sub in the various rooms of the dungeon. I got hit with the various implements provided by the space, but more on that when Kate puts out her blog post about it!

dungoen tour


  • Getting Fit at Allure Fitness
    • I bought a fitness membership at the beginning of Feb, to a place I used to workout at a couple of years ago. Since my surgery in September, I’ve gained about 15 pounds, so I’d love to loose that and get fit. Not that I’m not happy with my body right now,  I want to gain more strength and focus on getting healthier. Allure Fitness is a femme-powered pole dancing and exercise studio. I do the  drop-in exercise classes which are all incredibly fun workouts! Ass Class is my favourite, as I’m working towards getting a more poppin’ booty.
  • Sass After Class at Oasis Aqualounge
    • I hadn’t attended Oasis in awhile, so on the last Monday of the month, I joined Kate for a trip to Sass After Class, the weekly student night. After floating in the pool and getting buzzed, Kate and I separated for our own adventures. I ended up getting spanked (with a crop) by multiple people in front of a room full of voyeuristic eyes. One first timer guy kept yelling out hilarious commentary during the whole thing. I ended up taking three sets of HARD spankings, the last by two dommy gentleman. At last call, I ended up leaving with a man who had been watching me get spanked throughout the evening. We retreated to his hotel for more fun, including my first PIV sex in a couple of months. I treated myself to crêpes the next morning, for my job well done at taking as many spanks as I did. Apparently my pain tolerance is a LOT higher when I’m drunk.

Femme Vibes

  • This pin my long distance bff, Brenna, bought me.

Just Peachy 🍑 (@chillychick_ is the BEST for getting me this pin)

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  • Natural Femme
    • I’ve been going natural / low femme for most of this month. My makeup routine has been brows, lashes , and lips. Keeping a simple routine during stressful times (hello midterms) helps keep you feeling cute, while not spending all your studying time in front of the mirror.
  • ABH palette
    • When I haven’t been doing a low femme look, I’ve been going full glamour with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I accomplished an adorable pink look for my university faculty’s formal, and for the photoshoot.

  • Velour Silk Lashes – Charlotte’s Web
    • When I did do full glam this month, I added false lashes to the mix. I’m becoming a lot better at being able to put them on! A year ago I was completely terrible at applying them, so I’m happy to see improvement in my femme skills. The Charlotte’s Web lashes from Velour Lashes are natural but voluminous, so they were great for going to the bar and a formal event.

I have three or so reviews coming down the pipeline in the next month. Stay tuned for some cool toys and a Tinder advice post! March is also Women’s History Month!!  What did you get up to in February?

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  1. Oooh! I love the pin!

    I’ve only heard of ‘Come As You Are’ a handful of times, but I need more reading material and this sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

    PS – the pics you shared from your photoshoot look great!

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