Review: Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo

Like a feminine muse, this sex toy is powerful yet gentle, determined yet mindful. The Eroscillator is the physical erotic manifestation of a modern day goddess. It’s might and elegant stimulation make it a stand out toy amongst the industry. While it’s not something I would recommend to everyone, it’s angelic orgasms can’t be found elsewhere.

Now, I normally try to stear away from comparing my sex toys to deities, but in this case I can’t avoid it because of the unique type of sensation the Eroscillator produces. See, it’s not actually a vibrator, it’s an oscillator. I’m not the most scientific person so I’m not exactly sure how the motor of the toy is different than that of a vibrator. However, this gif, helps explains how the toy’s movement works. A vibrator bounces off of a surface like bouncing a basketball, an oscillation is more like a rubbing movement and mimics a finger’s actions.

pounding vibrator example giffinger rubbing example gif eroscillator rubbing gif example

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eroscillator in handThe Eroscillator’s body is 8 inches long and has a 5 inch circumference. It’s attachments range from 2 to 4 inches long, making it stand just a bit taller than the average electric toothbrush – which, yes, it does resemble. It’s body is made out of ABS plastic and majority of the heads are made out of TPE. TPE generally isn’t the best material, but Eroscillator claims it is high quality and non-porous (although I would use a condom over it if you are sharing). The Ultra Soft Finger Attachment is said to be made from silicone (even though most sex bloggers have not felt anything like it before) and the Moustache piece is made from PA. While these ingredients should be fine, you should clean them with water and soap (like most toys) while it is not plugged in. The toy only comes in this purple colour.

The Eroscillator needs to be plugged into the wall during use. Usually I would groan about a plug in toy, but the 12-foot long cord and it’s high intensity (due to the power outlet) have me convinced that it was an appropriate decision to use an older technology. The power is operated through a ribbed slider on the front of the toy and lets you flick to 3 different intensity levels swiftly. Even though it does look like a toothbrush, the Eroscillator is ergonomically designed; it reaches my clit with ease. It’s a toy that can easily slip in between me and a partner while being penetrated.

When I come with the toy, it’s intense, lingering and incredibly hard to describe. It feels like a strong yet soft wave washing over me, leaving my body buzzing with pleasure for minutes after. It’s like the Eroscillator taps into my entire nervous system, leaving my body feeling electric yet relaxed. The orgasms the toy makes me feel that a self love goddess is powering my genitals. This toy leaves me feeling incredibly pleased and occasionally tired. After coming with the Eroscillator could only be compared to falling asleep in a warm cloud.

It’s multiple attachments make the Eroscillator extremely customizable. They snap on and off easily, so you can choose your own adventure. The instructional booklet suggests different ways to use the heads, but I would not try this device anally because they can come off and it’s not 100% confirmed that they are not porous. You can use all the attachments vaginally, but in my opinion this toy gets best results when used on a clit!

Here is a breakdown of the different tips and the multiple ways I’ve used them:

  • Moustache: The moustache feels like a soft toothbrush against your clit and labia. It’s motions are subtle and scratchy, as if a bearded person was giving me cunniligious. I never use this head to get off (it tickles me too much), but is a fun option to have when I miss a beard between my legs.
  • Pearls: The grape attachment is great for multiple purposes. I can use the tapered end of it for pinpoint stimulation. You can also use it flat – either curved to your body or curved away from your body. When I decided to curve to the shape of my vulva, the end of the piece managed to casually touch the entrance to my vagina.
  • Cup / Ball: Both sides of this attachment make the toy pinpointed. The cup side cups your clit providing vibrations to the area around (the hood + sides). This is great for people who like pinpoint action but not so much direct clit stimulation. The cup can also be used on the nipples. The ball side is has three bumps, and is good for direct clit stim with some added texture.
  • Golden Spoon: The concave side of this head is a longer, broader version of the cup, in my opinion. Because of it’s bigger size, it directs vibrations to more surface area over my clitoris. Speaking of clits, this side looks like it has one of it’s own. I’m not sure what the little extrusion of the oval does for pleasure, but it feels realllll good. The other side is flat with small bumps, creating a textured surface to use. It honestly doesn’t feel much different to me.
  • Ultra Soft Finger Tip: This head is one of my favourites out of the WHOLE pack that came with the Eroscillator Deluxe 2. The marshmallow / white, plump part is made out of silicone and it super fun to squish. Its plushness makes it feels like a soft finger quickly rubbing my clit side to side. It’s the most realistic clit rubbing experience out of any toy I’ve tried. The sensation with this is like a mini magic wand head as it has broad sensations, but it’s also direct due to it’s size.

eroscillator with all attachmentsThere’s also another attachment called the G point which was not included in the set that I received – I have the Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo set. This particular set retails for $239 at SheVibe, which is one of the only reasons why I hesitate to recommend it. You can get a different set called the Ultimate Combo, which includes the other attachment, but it’s $269. To be honest, as long as you get a set with the Ultra Soft Finger Tip, then you’ll be fine. I would only splurge on the Eroscillator Top Deluxe if you are looking for a bit of luxury treatment, as the this toy is amazing but not a must-have for the average consumer.

With a long line of other Eroscillator’s preceding it, the Top Deluxe is supposedly more powerful than the original make (which was previously available in bronze) and the Eroscillator 2. As I don’t have either of these products, I would suggest checking out Epiphora’s in depth comparison. The Eroscillator 2 is the only one still available and is a less expensive option for those who want the toy, but not the price tag ($184 US for the Soft Finger Combo.)

Both the toothbrush and power tool of the sex industry, the Eroscillator Top Deluxe is unique in design and ability. The clunky looking exterior and multiple attachments make it instantly recognizable, and it’s power speaks for itself. The orgasms I have with this toy are drawn out, and celestial, to the point that my whole body feels the effects for minutes after. It would recommend this toy for people who are looking for a unique, long masturbation session and have the money to spend on a small slice of luxury.

Thanks to Eroscillator for generously providing me with the Top Deluxe in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

You can buy the following Eroscillator sets as the following places:

Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo  – SheVibe US & CA – $239 US
Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo – PinkCherry US – $239 US
Eroscillator Top Deluxe Ultimate Combo – SheVibe US & CA – $269 US
Eroscillator 2 Plus Soft Finger Combo – SheVibe US & CA – $184 US
Eroscillator 2 Plus Soft Finger Combo – PinkCherry US – $185 US
Eroscillator 2 Plus Soft Finger Combo – PinkCherry CA – $137.50 CA

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3 Replies to “Review: Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo”

  1. Love your review. As a power queen type and toy junkie Eroscillator is hands down my most coveted toy I have yet to try. The price tag is probably the biggest thing keeping me from it which is probably dumb given how much money I’ve basically wasted on toys that weren’t quite powerful enough for me (or how often I end up tossing an extra dildo I probably won’t use more than once or twice to an order just to get free shipping or whatever lol). Like I’m almost positive I’ll love it so what’s holding me back?

    I seem to have retrained my vulva in that my first really good sex toy was the hitachi and I was always a broad stimulation fan anyhow. Like prior to owning toys I always preferred to get off by just cupping my hand over my outer labia and grinding. But then I moved to a living situation without much privacy so hatachi usage was mostly out of the question. Bought a WeVibe Tango and it’s so funny but I used to not even be able to tolerate direct clitoral stimulation (even with a partner I’d be like ahhh no!) and now somehow I retrained my vulva or something because now hitachi kind of doesn’t do it for me because it’s too broad and I grave direct and more pinpoint stimulation. Kind of funny since I read tons of sex blogs and such and for that matter am a lesbian and most folks seem pretty stuck in their way preferring either broad or pinpoint.

    Anyway reason I mention that is that it looks like Eroscillator is the perfect annswer for my needs. My Tango doesn’t always do it for me as well or easily as I’d like. I prefer wall powered toys (though I know there’s been some recent advances what with the wireless magic wand and all so we’re getting more powerful wireless toys) but they’re all basically too broad for my tastes now. Eroscillator sounds like it’d be my own goddess. Haha. Made me laugh a bit you used that phrase. In my teens goddess was my weird favored phrase for like any super ultimate thing. Especially women (got to love that teenage emotional intensity and all the unrequited love stuff. I would deem these unreachable women goddesses haha) but ha I got an early version of the iPod in my late teens before most people even knew what they were and I named it my “iPoddess”. Some other tech innovations got goddess like nicknames too. So I guess you’re speaking my language here. Really, you made the Eroscillator sound even more appealing so nice work!

    Lastly- I’m curious to feel that soft finger. I’ve got some health issues and am familiar with medical grade silicone in medical applications and it’s actually surprisingly soft, the silicone in medical devices. Soft and smooth and even kind of squishy. So there’s a lot of potential for that in sex toys I think (the new WeVibe Wish seems to utilize something akin to it or those Tenga toys that look like Japanese sweets and feel unlike any other silicone most sex bloggers have seen). I’m curious then if the marshmallow/soft finger feels like that then or what. Haha. Would be interesting to compare it to what I know of medical device silicone at least. I assume someone out there has probably flame tested one by now anyway? Sucks that we always have to question toy materials and whether or not they’re actually what a company claims they are.

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