Review: L’amourose Prism V

l'amourose prism v

Up until this point, I haven’t experienced an internal vibrator that I would frequently use. My Ina 2 was decent, but I mainly used it for thrusting or clit stimulation, not so much for vibrating my G-spot. I haven’t used it much since I started amalgamating my collection and same goes for a lot of the other internal vibes I’ve tried. I was almost ready to give up on thinking I’d love internal vibration, that was until the L’amourose Prism V arrived on my doorstep.

The Prism V is (obviously) a G-spot specific vibrator made by L’amourose. The toy is covered in silicone, making the toy body safe. It is waterproof (completely submersible) due to its magnet charging system. The Prism V has a diameter of 33 mm at it’s thickest part, and its insertable portion is 80 mm. It’s definitely on the smaller end of toys I own. The battery life is up to 2.5 hours of use on a 1-hour charge, with a standby time of 100 days! Twelve speeds and 5 patterns are operated through three buttons on the handle. It comes in some of the most unique colours in the industry: Sunset Red, Azure Blue and Sky Blue (the one I have.)

Gosh, this toy is gorgeous. The handle has prism shapes designed into it, making it easy to grip (However, the vibrations do travel into the handle). The silicone is a silky, matte texture, which feels fucking elegant when holding it. There’s an excellent stableness to it; it doesn’t feel cheaply made. Speaking of stability, the toy can stand by itself, which not a lot of vibrators can do. I’m one of those people who doesn’t clean her toys right after coming, so a self-standing toy means that I won’t be getting my come all over my bedside table.

This toy feels very luxurious, and you can tell, not only by it’s make but by the subtle additions to its packaging and warranty. L’amourose has an 18 Month Warranty, which guarantees you a new free toy if yours breaks within the 18 months. They also have a Lifetime Guarantee, so if your Prism V becomes defective after the warranty period, you can get 50% off of the next toy you buy from them. This is probably the most generous warranty you’ll see in this industry. You also get a soft, velvet carrying pouch and an authorization card too, if that matters.

My favourite way to use the Prism V is by sliding it into my vagina, pressing it up against my G-spot, and letting it stay there. The head curves right into my G-spot effortlessly (I mean, LOOK at the way it arches) and the vibrations are so rumbly that I don’t need to stimulate it with thrusting. The tremors of the toy penetrate deep into my body. Pair it with a hand or an external vibe, and BAM I’m having a hard orgasm coming from both from my clitoris and my urethral sponge.

Without intention, the Prism V has actually become my favourite way to do Kegels. When I contract my pelvic muscles (something I usually do to leading up to climax,)  the vibrator pushes deeper into my G-spot. This causes the sensations of the vibrations get more intense. It’s like my vagina is on autopilot, helping me reach climax quicker. The more I’m stimulated, the more I contract, the more I contract, the better it feels – i.e. The best circle of pleasure.  I think this is due to the slim, ergonomic design of the Prism V, as I haven’t experienced this with any of my other internal toys.

L’amourose’s toy has made me change my mind about internal vibration. I’ve been reaching for it more and more, as it delivers intense, rumbly orgasms with each use. In use it’s amazing, in it’s packaging it’s amazing, I wholeheartedly endorse the Prism V. Plus the added bonus of it helping with my Kegels makes the Prism V a surefire win. If I had borrowed this from a friend, I would immediately be buying one of my own. It works that well for my body.

Thanks to L’amourose for generously providing me with the Prism V in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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