April 2017 – Wrap (it) Up

Exams, final assignments and moving houses occupied the later half of April, so I haven’t had much time to dedicate to doing cool things, or blogging. I did manage to acquire a fantastic new toy, femme up my wardrobe even more and have some great sex.

Sex Toys + Birth Control

  • Umpf. Let’s talk about this immediately because it’s AMAZING. After eying the Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang for what seems like forever, I managed to get ahold of one. Not only did I get it to review, but Vixen sent me the Mustang in ORANGE. I was a bit abrasive about the colour at first (I’ve wanted the caramel one), but I fell in love with its electricity and boldness. The toy feels amazing in use too; I’m excited to review it for you all!

  • My body has been adjusting to my IUD and the hormone adjustment. The first period I had was two weeks of hell, feeling like there was a baby demon in my uterus. I also had an increase of little black hairs growing on the top of my breasts and some pimples on my chest. I had a check up on May 1st, which confirmed that my IUD was in place and all good!
  • Throughout May & June I’ll be travelling (I’ll talk about this more at the end of this post), so I have to leave my beloved Magic Wand behind, as it’s not ergonomically sized for backpacking. I used it ferociously for the last couple of nights I had alone, and it yielded the strongest orgasm I’ve had in awhile.
  • The next toy I’m planning on getting is one of these tentacle dildo from LoveCraft Creations. It reminds me of the days that I used to dabble in tentacle porn, and it’s just too adorable not to own.


  • My friend Rachel wrote this great blog post on navigating identity and labels. As a newly identifying queer women, this piece resonated with me.

Femme Vibez

  • Summer clothes make me feel happy! I went to Forever 21 at the beginning of the month with my housemate Ashley to stock up on some necessities for my favourite season. I bought this *adorable* romper (which I’ve had many compliments on since buying), a cute graphic jacket that says UNEDITED, and some sexy pants. Ashley and I both bought matching lemon shirts too.

Finally a romper that actually fits my proportions 🙌

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  • I’ve never specifically been into latex clothing (I’m lazy, and it seems like a hassle to get into), but when I saw this piece by Yummy Gummy Latex, in which I think I would look adorable. I love the fact that latex is skin tight and the cut of this dress would be perfect for my curves.


  • I met my fuck buddy spontaneously after a night in Toronto late in the month. I met him at his friend’s party, where we got to sneak off for discreet make outs and over the pants teasing. Ughhh boy, he knows how to turn me on. We later left to go back to his place and ended up almost getting caught by his parents :O – something I haven’t had to be worried about in awhile. We managed to make it to his bedroom where we had amazing sex before cuddling and crashing. In the morning he treated me to Chinese takeout, which was the best breakfast for hungover, horny people.

Sexy Events

  • 420 was this month! So, of course, Ashley and I had to have another rendition of our Stoner Soirée to make a tribute to the international cannabis holiday. We spent the night before making edible rice crispy squares and preparing our place for the small group of friends we invited. We brought out all our paraphernalia to use, and Ashley picked up a special $45 per gram strain called Moon Rocks. Moon Rocks consists of a nug, covered in concentrate covered in kief, which turns out makes you extremely high. I had also saved up my kief from the past year to smoke to celebrate.

moon rock weed strain

  • I visited the Toronto International Porn Festival over the April 21st weekend. I got the chance to get femmed up with all sorts of smut admirers, and spent some of the weekend watching porn with Bex!  I’ll be writing more about the actual event in a blog post coming soon.

And that’s it for April! May began with a running start, as I moved my life into storage and started travelling! Currently I’m in Portand and soon I’ll be relaxing and working in Grass Valley, California. I’m going to be writing less reviews during this time, but I’ll be working on more personal posts. If you’re around any of these areas in the US, feel free to connect with me on Twitter and maybe we can meet up! I’d love to meet more sex-positive folks while on the road!

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