#SexNerdTravels: Practicing Sex-Positivity on the Road

#SexNerdTravels Sex-positivity on the road, dildo, butt plug and vibator on wood pile

Travelling this summer was a necessity for me; I needed an adventure and a change of scenery after a rough last few weeks of my 2016/2017 school year. My partner frequently travels through Workway, and invited me along for some summer work in California! Visiting Cali has been on my bucket list for ages, so the plan was set, and I flew to meet him in Portland, Oregon (where he was Workawa-ing before.) We stayed there for about a week, housed graciously by Epiphora, and by the folks at a living co-op called the Lodge. From there we made the journey via Craigslist ride to Sacramento and then onward via transit to our final destination near Grass Valley, California. We’re volunteering doing farm type work at a non-profit spiritual center (an Ashram) for the next two weeks until we part ways and I head off to visit LA.

The excitement and stress of travelling can have me feeling out of touch with my normal routine and lifestyle. While I can still be connected with my virtual communities while abroad, I’ve been lacking a lot of real time sex-positive expression and practice that I get back home. To combat my feels about being disconnected from my lifestyle, here are some ways I embody sex-positivity on the road…

Flairing my gear. Living on the road meant that I needed to get a hardcore backpack to carry my life in and because I’m the a e s t h e t i c person I am, I immediately needed to get some patches to swag it out. I had two Sugarbones patches laying around and ordered up this gorgeous “Suck My Clit” glitter patch from Bicharraca. I fastened an “I nJoy Anal” pin to my ukulele case, and plastered sex toy brand stickers over my notebooks and laptop. My flair is perfect for signaling other sex-nerds or at very least, sparking interesting conversations with strangers.

come as you are book in carReading Sex-Positive Books / Media. Living in a small town, with no constant access to the internet, meant that I would have to incorporate more analog media into my day to day. I brought along my unfinished copy of Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski, and saved some sex-positive blog posts and articles to read amongst nature. Learning more perspectives and research of sex and sexuality will help me to continue to grow my sex knowledge base, even when I’m remote.

Wearing clothing that makes me feel sexy. Packing for travelling requires an edited eye; you can’t bring anything excessive, but you need options. In my world, I needed outfit options that included practical pieces and cute/sexy ensembles. Dressing in cute outfits does wonders for my mental health, so they were essential to my pack. I made sure to include low-cut tops, a semi-transparent cover up, some sleek black leggings and my bra harness to wear when I’m feeling the need to be sultry.

Bringing sex toys along for the ride. Who would I even be if I didn’t bring sex toys along for the trip??? I packed what I consider the trifecta of travel toys; the We-Vibe Tango representing vibes my clit loves, my nJoy Pure Plug to pleasure my ass and my new Vixen Creations Mustang for fucking me into bliss. Carrying my toys on the road not only makes for a variety of amazing masturbation sessions but also can be used as sex-ed demo’s on a moment’s notice if I happen to run into some new friends who are interested in sex toys.

Smoking weed. Being the #StonerFemme I am, it was inevitable that I would acquire a selection of different strains while visiting progressive Portland. Smoking MJ does wonders for my mental and physical health, helping me get to sleep (my travelling sleep schedule is all over the place) and for managing my depression. It also has the ability to make me incredibly horny, depending on the stain. All the stains I picked up happen to do just that, especially the sativa dominant hybrid called Durban Apple – Green (a hybrid of Durban Poison and Green Apple.) This strain commands my body to become instantly turned on, making my pussy drip without my hands needing to touch it.

Using dating sites to meet local sex-positive people. While I was lucky to befriend a house full of Queer, sex-positive folks in Portland, Grass Valley and surrounding area was a place that I knew would take some effort to meet friends of the same mindset. Dating apps and sites like Tinder, SwingTowns or OkCupid can open up the possibilities of people you wouldn’t normally get to meet. As I’m living a 2hr walk from any community spaces, making friends this way is super helpful and accessible. I prefer meeting locals this way anyway, as I can get the chance to check out their values and online identities before befriending them.

cute curvy girl nudeTaking nudes and selfies. I realized that I’ve been barely taking any selfies or nudes as of late. The hectic mess that was my last weeks of April made me feel out of touch with my body, and my lack of snapping sexy self-portraits has noticeably taken a toll on my self-esteem. Once I noticed my change of habits, I picked up my smartphone and started documenting my figure, which immediately made me feel sensual and desirable.

Masturbating in different places. Seeing beautiful scenic places on my travels has inspired me to move outside my room to masturbate; why contain such an incredible thing to a bed? It’s now my personal mission to touch myself in various cool places along my journeys. I’ve already spotted a comfortable looking rock by the secluded creek on the Ashram’s property, which I will be taking advantage of shortly.

Documenting sex innuendos. Spotting different signs that include sexual innuendos is one of my favourite things to do. There’s a sex joke in almost everything, and it reminds me that while I may be separated from my hub of sex-positivity back home, that there are people out there either purposefully making these innuendos, or are completely oblivious to their alternative meanings. The next area over is called Rough and Ready, so you bet I’ll be getting a picture with that sign.

Visiting local sex stores. For every new place I visit in the world, I always make time for a visit to a local sex store. There’s something special about seeing a city’s views on sex and sexuality, which you can see through the inventory stores stock. In Portland, I got the chance to visit She Bop, the only women-owned shop in the area, and a great source of sex-education for locals. I also recently found out that there is a sex store in Grass Valley, which will make for a good story, I’m sure.

Freeing my nipples. Summer is the perfect season to ditch my bra and hangout in the nude. There’s a magical quality to lounging semi-naked after showering, letting my skin dry using the hot air. I feel like a goddess when I’m naked in the sun. When I’m not able to be fully nude, seeing my nipples pop through my romper, or peek through my cover up makes me feel babely too.

cute girl breasts

What do you do to feel sexy and sex-positive when you’re abroad?


JSYK, this post in sponsored, but, as always, all writing and opinions are my own.

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