50 Fun Sex Facts About Me!

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I’ve been talking more with my partner recently about fantasies, previous sexual experiences and fun sex facts. It’s always exciting to learn more about someone, especially the life notes that shaped them sexually. While we were sharing, I realized that I have pretty hefty sex resume. While I’ve only been sexually active for a bit under four years, I’ve managed to accomplish a lot (#slutlyfe). To document and to give you a better understanding of my erotic repertoire, I’ve typed up 50 fun sex facts about me. Hopefully this answers any questions you may have about my sex life.

  1. I recently started identifying as queer, but specifically, I’m bisexual and hetero-romantic.
  2. I’ve been craving more group sex recently.
  3. I’ve fisted someone!!!
  4. I wasn’t sexually active until I was 18.
  5. I’ve had PIV sex with more than 30 people.
  6. In total, I’ve had over 50 sexual partners.
  7. Yes, I have lost count.
  8. The majority of porn I watch is lesbian porn or FFM threesomes!
  9. I read more erotica on Reddit than I watch porn.
  10. I use my middle finger to rub my clit.
  11. Inserting fingers inside myself while masturbating has never interested me.
  12. My first sex toy was a jelly dildo. 🙁
  13. I can suck dick like a champ.
  14. Almost all my underwear are thongs.
  15. Getting high before sex with new people gives me severe anxiety.
  16. I fucking love calling men “Daddy” in bed.
  17. I once had sex with three guys in one weekend, on my period. And two of them ate me out!
  18. My first two threesomes were on the same night at a sex club!
  19. I’m really into busty women.
  20. Men with beards make me swoon.
  21. All the lingerie I’ve bought has never been specifically for sexy times; I just like wearing it.
  22. The best places to find threesomes is through online dating sites.
  23. One of my biggest fantasies is to get a massage and have the masseuse seduce me.
  24. I’ve been looking into getting an erotic massage because of this!
  25. I’ve never fucked anyone outside.
  26. My inner labia are on the smaller side.
  27. The biggest toy I’ve taken vaginally is the Vixen Bandit.
  28. I’ve been super into lactation porn recently.
  29. I rarely use dildos to masturbate anally.
  30. I really want to be dominated by a curvy femme domme.
  31. I squirt primarily through clit stimulation.
  32. Phone sex turns me on more than trading nudes.
  33. My favourite condoms are the Kimono Microthin Condoms.
  34. I can come easily through PIV, which is not the case for most women.
  35. All the women I’ve slept with have been during threesomes, and I want to change that.
  36. I prayed for big boobs when I was younger.
  37. I’m planning on buying some cute red lingerie when I get back to Canada.
  38. Strangers tell me about their sex lives at parties, just because they know I’m a sex blogger (which is actually really annoying.)
  39. I have my next tattoo planned, and it’s going to be BADASS.
  40. I’ve wanted an MFM threesome for awhile.
  41. I’ve come from sucking dick before.
  42. I get my pubic hair waxed every two to three months and let it grow in between waxes.
  43. I don’t usually use lube when masturbating with my hand.
  44. My first vibrator was the shittiest of shitty rabbits which I used twice and then chucked in the garbage.
  45. I absolutely hate when people grope my fat rolls during sex.
  46. My key to body confidence is cute clothes that fit, nice lingerie, walking around naked and taking nudes.
  47. I’ve masturbated outside.
  48. Choking me is a surefire way to turn me on while making out.
  49. I’ve been considering doing indie porn recently!
  50. I got turned on writing this list.

What are some of your fun sex facts?

Just so ya know, this post is sponsored, but, as always, all writing and opinions are my own.

4 Replies to “50 Fun Sex Facts About Me!”

  1. Number twenty threeeeeeee is a huge one for me as well! As well as the subject of the majority of porn I’ve consumed lately

  2. Well as a 47 yo Spaniard male. I think my list might be interesting compared to yours.
    1. I masturbate with barely three fingers.
    2. My first threesome MFF was my last one. It just happened with two friends, one of which I was sex-dating but I was single. It was great.
    3. My first orgy was also my last one. 3M2F. Also with friends. It was sweet but a disaster. 2 of us could not get a hard on. I guess we were intimidated by being with other males. I had just met my current girlfriend. Who found out as my friends talked about it the day after. It was ackward.
    4. Almost 100% of the porn I consume is lesbian. Especially mother-daughter, Japanese kissing and lactating. Had a lesbian hentai and lesbian water-sports periods too.
    5. I feel shaved pussies look like chicken. Short trimming is my preference.
    6. I shaved my balls once. A visiting friend suggested it, well he actually helped me do it. It was a good laugh. I kept it like that for a year. Almost my whole AFF membership time. Just after separation and before new social life.
    7. I like it dirty. Dirty talking turns me on.this happens in only when sex is casual. But in relationships I’m always old school and rather quiet.
    8. I’m a pathological platonic lover. I can be “jelous” of the partner of a girl I met once. I assume is not to be talked about. But it gives me somehow a special bond with otherwise stranger females. It can be sexual, but not always.
    9. Women on glasses , pretty faces, big butts, big breasts, curvy women are qualities that turn me on.
    10. I experienced multiorgasm but only on lsd.
    11. I’m shy, respectful and like it dirty, so tinder, badoo and bumble are for me the easier ways to come clean on what I like without being ashamed of it. In person i will never dare to tell, I mean yes if it was written beforehand.
    12. I’m a faithful man but i believe in polyamorous relationships as what represents me better. Old school but with new era in mind.
    13. The féminine underwear I like the most is white cotton or colour cotton one. Not too fan of colored or dentelled one.
    14. Nothing turns me on more than a soft wet thick tongue. I love armpit worship, shaved though.
    15. My biggest fantasy is to kiss and have sex with a total stranger.
    16. I also fantasize with a tongue on my ass and another on my dick.
    17. Curvy women on instagram is a gift from the gods.
    18. I’d like to try soft bdsm. Both roles.
    19. I don’t like prostitutes. My dedire builds on feeling a woman’s desire and when you pay this is totally spoiled. I’ve tried but just to share with friends. Strong perfumes and make up turn me off too.
    20. I can masturbate several times a day but is rare I can have sex few times on a day. I could with different partners, that I know.
    I stop for now.
    I guess you enjoyed it as much as I did reading you and writing this.
    Sweet kisses.

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