Review: Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang


I’ll say it; I’m not the hardest to please when it comes to cock. I’ve always been able to come easily from PIV sex, and have enjoyed a wide variety of dick in my sexual career. I can work with anything. However, not being picky doesn’t mean that I don’t have preferences.

vixen creations mustang orange florescent
This is the most accurate to colour picture I have. The florescent is incredibly hard to capture on camera.

When I think of the perfect dick, two ideals come to mind. The first is a cock à la Adam O2 or Vixen Bandit. A thick, sturdy, fill-me-when-I-need-to-be-stretched type of cock. This kind of dick usually takes a bit of warming up to take; it requires a smaller toy to prepare me for being fucked. When I use this toy, I end up collapsing on the bed, too tired to clean up the mess I’ve made after putting in a gallant effort to get myself off.

The second dick in question is equally amazing in its own right. It’s slightly thinner, a bit longer, and carries just enough tapered girth to feel satisfying. The arch of the shaft curves up inside me with no effort and all the precision. This cock doesn’t roughly hammer away at my G-spot, it firmly taps it, causing me to wither in pleasure as it hits it’s mark every time. This dick penetrates me intimately; it feels as if it’s being gentle, while still forcing me to scream in bliss. This dick is the Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang.

The Mustang is another dual-silicone dildo in Vixen Creations VixSkin line, and I am in lust. This dildo fucks me, not fucks me. When it tries to make me come it’s not aggressive or intimidating, but tender and steady, deeply drumming away inside me with delicate accuracy. It’s not too big and not too small, my ideal sized dildo at 6.5″ long and at 1.5″ of maximum width. In synchronicity with the rest of its body, the Mustangs slightly bigger, squishy head is also a delight. The size and the pulled-down foreskin texture underneath quite literally pop into my vag, creating a yearning for it to tease me every time. At the other end of the shaft, the suction cup is hard and clunky, an easy-to-hold contrast to its comfy top.

I’d been eyeing the Mustang for awhile due to some of the similarities between my partner’s penis and the toy. They both share the delicious curve which quickly makes me moan while sliding it inside of me. I originally wanted the dildo in Caramel but Vixen happened to have a rare colour in stock: fluorescent orange with a pearlescent suction cup base. I couldn’t help but say yes to a creamsicle looking dick.

The colour of this particular toy may be deceiving, but Vixen makes the most realistic to penis feeling and looking dildos. Even with my Mustang glowing in fluorescent, it’s draggy, slightly sticky outer layer feels eyons more skin-like than any other toy I own (except the Bandit, which is made from the same formula.) Oooo and if you run hot water over it to heat it up? It feels exactly like a warm dick, ready for you to fuck or suck.

Because of it’s flared suction cup base, the Mustang is also anal compatible. This feature isn’t normally one that would excite me as my butt can’t take more than a medium sized plug. Or so I thought. One day last week I was masturbating, butt plug in, vibe on clit, when I looked over to see the dildo eying me from my side table. Summer randy-ness controlling my body, I decided right then and there, I needed the Mustang in my ass. The flexibility of the toy in tandem with lube created a bit struggle getting into me, but with perseverance comes reward. Once the head was passed my sphincter, it was nothing but smooth sailing. Although the softer outer layer of the silicone made it slightly harder to get inside me, it was the comfort and density I needed to work out my tightness. If it were a different material, I would have hurt myself trying to up my ass game. The squish works together with the harder core to make a cushioned but controllable sensation. I was able to fit the whole dildo inside my booty, and I am so proud!!

Everything about this toy is just perfect, and I’m happy I took a chance on taking it travelling with me.

Thanks to Vixen Creations for generously providing me with the VixSkin Mustang in exchangefor my honest and unbiased review.

The Mustang is available at:

SheVibe for $99 USD in Florescent Pink, Tie Die and Skin Tones.

Come As You Are for $136 CAD in Florescent Pink, Tie Die and Skin Tones.

Peepshow Toys for $98 USD in Skin Tones – Use code REDHOT for 10% off!

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