#SexNerdTravels: Fulfilling Fantasies While On the Road

Summer is in the air and so is the opportunity for new adventures, new friends and new possibilities. As cliche as it sounds, summer is the time of year where I make things happen. I keep a seasonal bucket list on my phone, curated from my Vitamin D deprived winter sadness. Go to a waterpark, grab a cold cocktail at the Brain, finally try Chocolat on James’s Insta-popular chocolate pretzel ice cream. Most years my list is local to #HamOnt and the GTA, but since I’m traveling for half of my summer, my To-Do’s have shifted along with my location. My libido has skyrocketed, back to my “normal,” after a stressful semester’s end. It was a combination of school, a UTI and my body adjusting to my new hormonal IUD that made me feel less sexual for the greater part of my winter terms. With my body now adjusted and school not on the horizon until September, I’m flying high with unexpected horniness and long masturbation sessions. I feel the need to make out with my partner 24/7; I’ve been fantasizing about many new scenarios and reading wayyy more erotica than I usually do.

Since I’m currently visiting LAXXX, the city of stars and sex, I’d figured it might be fun to try to get some of my fantasies fulfilled while I’m on the road. I’ve already jumped on SwingTowns, Fet and Reddit in search of people to help me fulfill these fantasies; here’s what I’m looking for…

FFM Threesome

FFM (female, female, male) threesomes have been on my mind as of late, especially after my threesome buddy, Kate, brought up that we need to reprise our great threesome from last November. Girl on girl with guy scenarios have lead me to discovering my queer sexuality, all with the comfort of dick around. They’ve been my number one fantasy for about a year now, specifically focusing on lady on lady action. I absolutely love these types of threesomes and want to play more with this dynamic this summer. I get wet thinking of playing with a woman while her partner watches from the sidelines, which is another FFM dynamic I want to explore.

Private Play Party

I’ve been to a sex club, but I’ve never been to a private play party. To me play parties are mysterious events, full of desire, lust, pleasure and exclusivity. Sure, I can always go to a local sex club, but there’s something deliciously exciting about getting a personal invitation to join a group of sexy swingers and playmates. I’ve always been nervously eager to see what goes on behind the closed doors, so hopefully, I can acquire an invite this year. And who knows? Maybe I can fulfill a couple of other fantasies on this list while in attendance.

All Femme Orgy

Ever since I heard wind of the all femme orgy Epiphora attended, I’ve been dying to attend one myself. Femme on Femme action has been at the centre of some of my hottest wank sessions, and to make that fantasy real with multiple beauties? I’d be in heaven. If an all femme orgy ever comes into my realm of luck while I’m in LA, I would be ecstatic. Maybe if I make a couple of cute queer lady friends, we can throw one together. My mind is set on experiencing lipstick smeared make outs, the cutest lingerie, and lots of orgasms.

Sex with a Domme Femme

This fantasy has been circling my brain for about half a year. All the women I’ve slept with have been in threesomes, where, usually, the other gal was submissive too. When I noticed the lack of domme femmes in my experiences, my yearning grew for an assertive, mean babe to tell me what to do. I want to attempt to please her, and if I do well, be rewarded by being called a good girl as she fingers me. Oof, I have so many feels about this fantasy.

Sex with a Mommy Domme

Spurring from my domme femme scenario, it’s also on my fucket list to have sex with a woman who likes to be called Mommy. Last year I talked to a couple who were both into this and I surprisingly really enjoyed it. We never did end up meeting, but wow, that convo has given me plenty of sexy ideas. I’m not into age play specifically, but I love the dynamic of calling guys Daddy, so it’s no surprise I’m a Mommy’s girl too.

ABF, Lactation or Sex with a pregnant woman

Pregnancy does wonders for the human body, in my opinion. The curves of the stomach and the fullness of the breasts are such sexy features on people with vulvas. I’ve watched pregnancy porn on and off since highschool, but I’ve only recently discovered that it’s a kink I want to explore IRL. My pregnancy porn searches in the past has lead to finding videos of women sharing their breast milk with other people, but at the time I was too ashamed on my kink to explore it any further. After stumbling on a lactation video recently, I finally decided that I had let go of any stigma surrounding my kink. To make up for lost time, I think it would be hot to find a couple or woman interested in making some lactation/pregnant sexy times happen.

What fantasies are on your fucket list this summer?

Just so ya know, this post is sponsored, but, as always, all writing and opinions are my own.

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