Patreon Announcement!

Hey lovelies!

Today’s post is a bit different than my regular reviews and personal sex adventures. And that’s because I have a fun announcement: I’m on Patreon!

For those who don’t know, Patreon is a platform that allows for content creators, like me, to receive support from fans and friends through a personalized month to month subscription service! Patreon is a place for fans to fund the creators they love, in exchange for behind the scenes updates and exclusive content, like photo and videos.

Why am I on Patreon?

I run this blog on top of being a student and working part-time, which can get busy and overwhelming for me. I love what I do here, and I don’t want to stop because I have to worry about paying my bills. I have an absolutely wonderful and supportive fan base (seriously, you folks are amazing), so when I heard about Patreon, I thought it could be an opportunity for me to make money, while also giving you some exclusive content.

What am I offering?

I’ve come up with five different categories that give you some pretty fun stuff!

$5 per Month – First Base – Uncensored Photos

Want to see what my body looks like behind my hands/censor bar? In this tier you get…

  • My uncensored photoshoot pics
  • Access to my PATRON ONLY Feed!
    • Get to know all the behind the scenes updates that are happening!

$15 per Month – Second Base – Uncensored Videos & Snapchat

Hey sexy. Want to watch me be raunchy on video? In this tier you get…

  • Uncensored videos
  • 24/7 Access to my secret Snapchat
  • All other rewards!

$35 per month – Third Base – Smutty Polaroids

Hey lover! Want to get some old school prints of me baring it all? In this tier you get…

  • Three raunchy Polaroids of me posing for you.
  • Access to all other rewards.

$35 per month – Third Base – Skype call

Hey lovely! This is a tier for those who might not want any nsfw content, for peeps who just want to chat as friends. In this tier you get..

  • A 30 minute Skype call one-on-one to talk! I can give you dating or blog advice, recommendations on toys, get high and talk about life!
  • All previous rewards! (excluding Polaroid tier)

$50 per month – Special Gift

Hey wonderful! This is a tier for those who might not want any nsfw content, for peeps who just want to chat as friends. In this tier you get…

  • A special surprise gift in the mail. Could be some used panties, socks, tights, cum or something delicious of your choosing.
  • All previous rewards! (Choice between Polaroid or Skype call)

I think I’ve included a little something for everyone, but if you’d like to see a specific reward added then let me know!

If you like my content and are a regular reader, your support means the world to me. Whether that be through tweeting at me or through choosing to pledge to my Patreon, I appreciate you. Thanks for listening, and keep an I eye out for this weekends post!

xox Suz

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