June Wrap (it) Up: Gangbangs, Erotic Art and Internet Crushes

After the long month of June, I’ve finally landed back in Hamilton. I’m sick, still on California time and out of money, but I had an absolute blast while out in Los Angeles. Here are some of my highlights from the month…

Sex Toys

  • When I hit Canadian soil on the 21st of June, one of the first things I did after making it to my sublet was grab my sex toy trunk from storage. Honestly, my toys were one of the few things that excited me about returning to the Hammer.
  • The main toys I’ve been using since being back are the Magic Wand Rechargeable (a no-brainer) and my Pro Penguin. I think I’ve been lacking amazing oral sex lately, so the Penguin is the best way to simulate that for me.
  • The Liberator Throe was waiting at my doorstep for me, meaning I can squirt all over my bed and it won’t soak through!! I love it so much.

Mouthwatering Media

  • I passed 5000 followers on Instagram this month! I’ve been bragging about this on every possible internet platform, but it’s because I’m so excited about the lil community I’ve grown, both here on the blog and on my socials. I love all ya’ll!
  • My babe, Sugarbones, is coming out with an adorable collection focused on sexuality. She created this gorgeous painting series focusing on the G-spot and I’m in love. She’s having a cute-kinky art show on July 8th in Hamilton, so you should definitely come if you’re a local art/sex nerd. If you’re abroad or can’t make it, I’ll be covering the event on my IG.
sugarbones artwork g-spot
Via Instagram
  • I treated myself to a bubblegum pink Crosley record player. I’ve been meaning to delve into more analog ways of listening to music, so I thought this cutie would be the best way to introduce myself to a new medium.

Enticing Events

  • I got the chance to see one of my favourite bands, Hurray for the Riff Raff, play in Los Angeles at the Teragram Ballroom. HFTRR not only plays amazing folk-rock-Americana music but has political and activist messages ingrained into all their lyrics. The front runner, Alynda Mariposa Segarra is a trans latinx women with immigrant parents. Her story is embedded into the band’s presence and makes their shows a must-see. Making Movies opened for them, who I had not heard previously, but I was wowed by their Afro-Latino rhythms. I went to the concert alone but found friends amongst the audience who invited me to food and then to an after party. The after party ended up being for Hillary Clinton’s nephew, which was super rad!
  • I spent most of my trip in LA lounging about the Take Back Your Sex’s She-Cave. I connected with Megan and Tanya when I arrived in LA and we bonded immediately over chocolate cake, booze and slut tales. Over the course of my trip, we did a lot of day drinking, thrift shopping, podcast recording and laughing. These girls are amazing and I’m so happy I got to spend time with them.

Na'cho tittes.

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  • I didn’t plan it any Pride events into my trip, but I happily discovered that LA Pride was happening while I was in the city! I rainbowed up in an adorable Target Pride fringe bikini top, with sparkly pasties underneath. Even though I went with family, I immediately lost them in the crowds, so I met some new people. One of my new friends, Nathan, had lost the people he came with too, so we got lunch and partied all day together. I’m so happy that Pride can bring together so many amazing people.


  • Before arriving in LA, I decided to put out a quick Reddit post in the SoCalR4R subreddit calling for cool queers, couples, and exciting sexual opportunities. I got a lot of responses and ended up talking to an incredibly amazing couple. They took me on the best date; first to a really rad cafeteria style restaurant, and then to a sorcerer themed escape room. After our day, we went back to their place for champagne, and lots of make outs. I won’t go into too much detail, butttt the threesome included a strapon, dd/md/lg play, squirting, an abundant amount of boobs, and a great dick. Ooo, and then they took me to In N’ Out for the first time. I wish we got to play again before I left because they were such lovely people.
  • I ended up having my first one-on-one sex experience with a lovely lady I met in LA. We had so much fun that she invited me to a gangbang her Daddy was hosting for her the next Tuesday. I’ve never been with more than one dick before, so I was curious as to how our day was going to unfold. We arrived at her Daddy’s house at noon, for the three of us to drinking wine and play together before the other cocks arrived. The first one (9 inches) arrived and played with my friend and me while her Daddy watched us from the sidelines. The second dick (somewhere around 8.5”), arrived and the two guys fucked us into the afternoon. After a while, my girl and I were spent, so we smoked weed and re-energized for another round. Everyone came, we said our goodbyes and the two of us ordered Panda Express while we waited for her Daddy to get back from running errands and for two newcomers to arrive. When her Daddy returned, we found one of the new guys at our doorstep along with our food. Us two princesses ate our delicious meal while we small-talked and soon headed back into the bedroom to take another round of dicking. The last guy came and went very quickly, being too excited about all the sexiness happening in the room. It ended up being 6 pm when we left her Daddy’s house, tired from all the dicks we took throughout the afternoon. It was an experience, and I’m happy I went with my friend. I wouldn’t do it again, as it wasn’t really my thing, but it was fun!
  • My all time favourite rendezvous in LA was with a fellow I met on Tinder. I had recognized him from my old favourite YouTube channel; he worked production on and would occasionally be featured in the BTS videos. I always had thought he was fine as hell, so when we matched on Tinder and started talking, I knew I needed to see him before I left LA. After a couple nights of flirting and sexting, he invited me over for a boozy hot tub party. His handsomeness had an immediate effect on me, and I was hardcore crushing on him. We eventually made our way to his room where we had some of the best sex. I was a puddle (emotionally and physically) by the time we were done with each other. He was the best one night stand I’ve ever had and I’m proud that I banged a long-lost internet crush I had in highschool.

Femme Vibez

  • My Pride wasn’t complete without a bunch of sparkles. I picked up NYX glitter in the colour in Crystal to rub all over my body and put on my eyelids. I brought it with me during the festivities and asked my new friends if they wanted some to be covered in.
  • While coming back to Hamilton wasn’t my favourite thing, there’s been plenty of fun events happening around town. My friend Em had a birthday party the other night, and I was impressed with how well I did my makeup. See the look below – would ya’ll want a tutorial on how I do my makeup??

Middle part or nah?

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What did ya’ll get up to in June?

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