Jerking On(line): What I Masturbated To Before Porn

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I was born just in time to be a kid during the golden age of the internet, so in my pre-teen years of life, I had digital access to everything. While I mainly spent my time playing free online games and stalking crushes on Facebook, there was a time where I first started dipping my toes into the growing industry of sex and porn websites. I had a lot of personal shame surrounding watching porn as a youth, so before I actually started watching porn, I found various other sex adjacent mediums to masturbate too. Here are some of the types of content that got me off before/after I started watching porn!

Sidebar Ads. The first thing that showed me the sexual potential of the internet was sidebar ads. It makes a lot of sense actually, as the ads displayed at the side of my game sites were created to draw attention to other websites. While the ads I saw weren’t extremely explicit in nature, the images displayed hypersexual representations of women, making them have extremely large breasts for their frames. While there definitely is some sexist themes to unpack from those ads, at the time I was blissfully unaware. The presence of the ads planted the seed for the curiosity to start exploring what other sexual content lived on the internet.

XXX Games. Continuing on from my youngin’ online gaming days, on some of the sites I visited there would be a section for x-rated or r-rated games. I was a kid who did her best to follow the rules, so when I noticed the category was there, I tried to ignore its existence for awhile. I assumed those games were for adults, so I tried my best to avoid that side of the website. However, being the blooming pervert that I was, I couldn’t help but be curious. It didn’t take long before I quickly gave into my imagination, and decided to check the XXX games. While I can’t remember exactly what games I played, I remember finding the thought of being able to interactively play a pornography medium really interesting. I definitely got myself off a few times to the games, before shamefully

Desperate Housewives. I didn’t consume DH on the internet specifically, the popular soap opera had a significant impact on my jerking off habits during middle school. When I home sick with the house to myself, hunkering down on the couch with a blanket over top of me and tuning into the latest scandal. I also wasn’t really sure I was allowed to be watching the show, but I was absorbed in the character lines and the implied sex scenes. While the sex was only implied, the lead up was steamy, passionate and seducing. Desperate Housewives also supplied the first girl-on-girl kiss & sex scenes that I had watched. The show taught me that women could demand and have amazing sex.

The Clitical. The Clitical was the very first sex blog that I interacted with! I’m not sure how I stumbled upon it, but I was happy to have it to help me navigate sexual fantasies and feelings during my youth. I remember spending so much time devouring the erotica and learning all about women’s sexuality. The Clitical armed me with terms like G-spot, clit, and squirt, and even showed me my first glance at sex toy reviews. I had known about sex toys before hand, but I didn’t realize how much I wanted to own one myself until I read the Clitical’s reviews.

xHamster. xHamster was the first actual pornography site I discovered when I was a pre-teen. I’m pretty sure I googled “porn” and choose the first option that came up, second to PornHub. PornHub seemed too daunting for me to visit, and comparatively, xHamster had a logo with a cute hamster. It was decided. The site provided me with the majority of my visual masturbation content over my adolescence and helped me discover my go-to free porn videos. I still visit the site from time to time, when I’m aching for some mainstream porn.

Hentai manga. During high school, my friend group was super into anime. I’m not exaggerating, those kids were obsessed. I would occasionally watch series with them but I wasn’t overly interested in the medium myself until my one friend linked me to some R-rated manga. Being the hypersexual teen that I was, the Japanese animation style had finally caught my attention. There were some well drawn, hot-as-fuck stories that I found myself masturbating to, many a time.

PinkCherry. After becoming interested in sex toys because of the Clitical, I found myself Googling the different types of sex toys that were out there. Pink Cherry was the first place that showed up in the results as they are a large Canadian distributor for sex toys. I’d browse the pages with stars in my eyes, hoping that one day I’d be able to one some of my own. My favourite section was the dildos. The phallic shapes and thought of being able to penetrate myself turned me on so much that I would masturbate to the dildos on my screen! That’s right everyone, the thought of using a dildo turned me on so much that my imagination was all I needed to get myself off.

What corners of the internet did you go to find masturbation inspiration?

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  1. Hentai all the way! Seriously, discovering hentai was one of the best things for me in my youth. My first ever exposure to crossdressing and intersex people (in “futanari” plots) was in hentai and it was so empowering to see those gender non-conforming characters almost always portrayed as the ones in power of their own bodies and their own pleasure. EVERYBODY wanted a futa girl in hentai stories!

    So, like, 12-year-old-me really needed to see that and to have some semblance of hope that I was not this disgusting, unwanted thing that gender nonconforming peeps were painted as. Of course, futa presents a thoroughly unrealistic, hypersexualized and fetishized portrait of intersex people… but it was a shiny light for me as I struggled with a lot of internalized homophobia and transphobia. I still love reading futa stories even now tbh.

    And xHamster was my first porn site experience too! Although it was a search for “penis suck” that got me there LOL

    Great post!

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