Review: b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads

b-vibe triplet vibrating anal beads

Last month I reviewed the b-Vibe Rimming Plug, the first toy in b-Vibe’s lineup. My review of their one-of-a-kind butt plug was absolutely glowing, and I’m still extremely happy with it. It has quickly become a bedroom favorite of mine for the nights I’m wanting to put a lot of work into an anal orgasm.

The next toy in b-Vibe’s lineup, the Triplet, takes another mundane butt toy and spices it up. Anal beads have been around for awhile, without much change in design or usability. b-Vibe has continued their push for innovation on the butt toy market so the Triplet is no exception to their other ingenious toys. While the Triplet doesn’t really compete with the game changing nature of the Rimming Plug, it has knocked my other anal bead set out of my bedside table.

I have three reasons why I absolutely love the Triplet; one reason for every bead on the toy.

Number One. While it is a vibrating butt toy, the vibrations aren’t basic bullet shit you see in most vibrating beads on the market. The Triplet actually has three different points of vibration, which produce deep and rumbly vibes. They make my butt very satisfied as I bring the toy in and out of my body. Also, unlike most bullets and butt toys, the Triplet has 6 (!!!) power levels and 15 vibration options. A rare amount of vibrators has that many options.

Number Two. The remote control! Now remote controls aren’t new in this industry, but having one for anal beads isn’t extremely common. Usually, I’ll have to rifle around my big, lubey butt to try to click a single button to get to a good vibe speed. There is a button on the Triplet you can use too, but the remote is sooo much easier and offers you options to go up or down in speed or change which pattern you’d like.

Number Three. This reason is a bit unconventional, but what really made me love the Triplet was its insertion ease! The toy as a whole is stiffer than most conventional anal beads sets, due to its construction and internal wiring. Floppy anal beads + lots of lube = a very hard time putting the beads in and out my body. I’ve had some very frustrating nights trying to slip another set that I own into my bum. The Triplet has just enough given to it too, so it can curve with bodies to reach prostates or to indirectly stimulate the G-spot through the anal tissue.

Just like the Rimming Plug 2, the Triplet is splashproof, rechargeable and comes with a cute travel case, so you get all the nice amenities that come with b-Vibe’s toys. Compared the Rimming Plug 2 though, the sizing of the Triplet is much more compatible with those of us who aren’t anal size queens. As I mentioned in my previous review, b-Vibe’s rimming plug’s are BIG. For me, they’re not a pop n’ play toy, meaning that I need a lot of warm up to take it’s size. The Triplet, however, is a size that would be comfortable for intermediate butt toy users. I can comfortably take this toy without much warm up.

Another amazing toy from b-Vibe.

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This post was sponsored, but, as always, all opinions and writing are my own. If you’d like to get a b-Vibe Triplet, you can purchase through b-Vibe, Peepshow Toys, and SheVibe.

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