July Wrap (it) Up: Dildo Trades, Locally Made & Only One Sexcapade

My July has been pretty blah since returning from travelling, but, as always, I’ve managed to find silver linings that have made this month a little more awesome.

Sex Toys

  • My G-spot isn’t normally craving internal vibrations, but this month it has??? I’ve been compelled to pull out my L’Amourose Prism V more than usual. If you haven’t read my review on it, you really should. It’s the best for lazy internal stim, cause I can just leave it inside me as I play with my clit. Its rumbly vibrations make me sooo happy.
  • I talked about my affliction with the Lovecrafters Toys Tentacle dildo in my May Wrap (it) Up, and this month, I finally got one of my own! Chae, who runs Lovecrafters, graciously made me a custom millennial pink tentacle for me. I absolutely love it! It’s squishy, fucking adorable and really pleases my G-spot. It’s quickly become one of my favourite dildos.
  • Kate and I did a dildo swap. I pawned my Laid D1 on her (hopefully she likes it more than I did) and she gifted me her Tails and Portholes Merman. Tails and Portholes was an indie dildo manufacturer on Etsy, but the creator recently shut down her shop. I was wanting one of her dils forever so I’m happy I can own one even though the shop is no longer in operation.


  • My fave BB, Cheyenne from Sugarbones, put on a seductively sick, sexuality themed art show at HAVN at the start of the month. She asked me to cover it on social media, so if you follow me on IG or Twitter, you probably saw me sharing all the cute, kinky paintings and creations Chey made. I love that my friends are hella successful smol business owners.
  • Local lingerie brand, Bettie Fatal, put out a call for XL models to do a photo shoot, so, of course, I was down. Bettie Fatal, run solely by mega-babe Avery, is a femme leaning gender-neutral brand which makes the best lingerie. Avery fucking kills it when it comes to style, material, and comfort. She has collections inspired by Greek mythology, witches, and even race cars. I got to spend a day modelling with a bunch of queer babes all day. I had met none of them previously but we all left the shoot as friends after a post skinny dip in Avery’s pool. Go check her out and support her.

Femme Vibez

  • I bought myself a liquid highlighter I’ve been wanting for a while. I figured it was my birthday month, so why not! I picked up the Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid in Light/Iridescent and it is blinding. I’ve only used powder highlights before, but this just takes my glow to a whole new level. And on the occasional days, I want to be a disco ball, I apply my Becca Opal powder highlighter on top of the Strobing Liquid. My face has been consistently lit for the gods.
  • Bunz Trading Zone is a popular Facebook group system in Canada. The group is a place where people can trade things they don’t want or services for things/services they do want! A piercing artist in Toronto was looking for website advice in exchange for piercings. I’ve been wanting a conch piercing done for awhile now, so this was the perfect oppertunity as I happen to be pretty handy with website readability. Gina was the best and helped me choose out a beautiful, Gandalf-esque opal stud and pierced me up. She was so professional but chill and made the whole experience very easy for me. Highly recommend her!
  • I’ve been all for supporting local artists this month. The Dope Chief makes some of my fave art in Hamilton, so I showed my support by buying his Check Plz crop top. It’s legit just all drawings of brightly coloured booty’s so it fits my brand perfectly.
  • Sugarbones gifted me this pin that was part of her new #MagicalMoments sexuality collection. It’s amaze.


  • I lucked out on Tinder this month and met a pretty babely dude who I’ve had a lot of fun with throughout the month. He has such an amazing dick that I asked him if I could clone it. Literally, I have a Clone-A-Willy kit that I’ve been meaning to use and his dick is just perfect for it. On my birthday evening, we went on an impromptu visit to a local waterfall, and I ended up blowing his dick in front of the flowing water and millions of beautiful fireflies. SO GOOD. I’ve also seemed to bring out a bit of his undiscovered dommy side; he really likes spanking me with a paddle and using my toys on me.

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