My Journey with Anal Sex Toys

lots of anal sex toys

Fun Fact: I haven’t always loved anal stimulation!!

Despite my large collection of butt toys, anal play hasn’t always been part of my sexual repertoire. During my formative years, I was too busy mastering the acts of PIV and blowjobs to even think about my last remaining orifice being licked, fingered or fucked. Whenever I interacted with the idea of anal, it was always in a way that didn’t give me positive feelings. From stumbling upon aggressive anal porn while masturbating to getting messages from Tinder dudes asking if I was down to use my “back door.” The stigmatized act of putting something in my butt was never presented to me as a friendly pastime, so I decided to put my curiosity on the back burner until I was ready to explore it with someone who was willing to go at my pace.

During the second semester of my first year at University, I met my, now former, friends with benefits, Tyler*. An assman through and through, Tyler had a passion for everything anal related. Throughout the course of our sexcapades, he (literally and figuratively) warmed me up to the idea of putting fingers and tongues in and around my ass. I still wasn’t ready to take a dick in the derriere though; I wanted to wait for the right context to try the act of anal.

An asshole of human himself, Tyler ended up ghosting me later in the semester, so I was left without a butt play buddy. I was dealing with a bit of heartbreak from our complicated relationship and wasn’t really interested in trying to explore anal or any other forms of sex with randoms on Tinder. But, I was still horny. So with my newfound love for having fingers in my ass, I decided to progress to the next best thing: a butt plug.

Choosing a butt plug was easy for me, actually. I did a lot of research prior (scouring sex toy reviews as ya do) and I found a toy that I knew was meant to be in my asshole. It was the nJoy Pure Plug, and I had to have it. A favourite among almost all sex reviewers, it was shiny, heavy, smooth and just fucking beautiful. The Tyler ghosting really did a number on my mental health, so I figured I’d splurge on myself and get the best of the best. When the Pure Plug arrived, I couldn’t have been happier. It provided me with a way to get no-effort anal stimulation during masturbation sessions, and it was a great way to make my ass more comfortable with items bigger than fingers. The Plug was the only anal toy I had until December when I decided to move onto anal beads!

The decision to move to anal beads was a simple one that had absolutely nothing to do with my ass or sexual needs. I had just decided to start this blog when I realized I only owned two toys (the Ina 2 and Pure Plug). I was on Christmas break in Halifax (where I went to High School,) so I went downtown to my favourite Maritime sex store, Venus Envy. I choose the cheapest (but still body-safe) butt toy, and that happened to be the Coco Licious Booty Beads. They were fun at the time, but their main claim to fame is that they were the first toy ever that I reviewed on my blog. Though I rarely use them now, they’re now a piece of the Red Hot Suz important toy archive.

Over the course of reviewing, I’ve ended up with many a butt toy in hands and, inevitably, in my ass. After reviewing the Pure Plug, my next ass adventure was brought to me by Crystal Delights. CD makes the most beautiful glass toys, specializing in their adorable tail butt plugs. I was lucky enough to win their Pineapple Plug during a giveaway they were running. It is quite larger than the Pure Plug and the Booty Beads, with its studs adding to its circumference. My eyes were, unfortunately, bigger than my asshole and I tried to take the Pineapple knowing very well that I was unprepared for its size. I barely got it in and ended up tearing myself, leaving me afraid of that toy ever since. While my ass can take much more now, it’s still a goal of mine to be able to put the Pineapple inside me.

The next butt toy that was delivered my way, was a 500 million-year-old granite plug made by Laid. The B1 was a great addition to my collection; I now can brag about the fact that I own an ancient stone that’s been shaped to be used for pleasure. It’s a great alternative to the Pure Plug, as it’s weighted and can hold different temperatures. After the B1 came the Funkit Cashew and the Sh! Silicone Butt Plugs. All had great qualities but ended up not working with my body for various different reasons. The Sh! Plugs have been sold to a new owner, and the Cashew holds a space in my collection as my first and only tester toy. In January I reviewed the Fun Factory Bootie, which I absolutely loved as a way to get back into anal play. I had taken some time off from playing with my butt, so the small version of the plug was perfect to help me ease back into things. It’s just the perfect size for when I am having PIV sex, as it stays in its place without being overwhelmed with the dick on the other side of the wall. Since I had reviewed what felt like endless butt toys in the winter months, I decided to take time off from reviewing any anal stimulants for a while.

After a long butt break, b-Vibe reached out to me to review their Rimming Plug 2. I had heard about the plug’s technology through the sex toy grapevine, so I was eager too experience it’s rotating beads myself. The plugs have electronic-controlled beads that rotate around the neck/stem of the toy, to give the wearer the feeling of being rimmed. I was horny as hell in Califonia when I received the Rimming Plug 2 from b-Vibe, so even though I was slightly scared of it’s size, I was very eager to put it inside me. In the beginning, there was a couple failed attempts, but with lots of lube and a nice asshole massage, I was able to do it. Luckily, I brought along my Pure Plug with me, which helped be my butt plug stepping stone on the way to receiving the Rimming Plug 2. I enjoyed the plug immensely and gave it a raving review.

Since my ass was a champ at taking the Rimming Plug 2, I figured it would be a perfect time try taking a dildo! I had taken a real penis in my ass before but never a dildo ( for me, anal penetration is always easier with a partner.) I was craving an insertion that could only be brought to me by a phallic like object, so I picked up my Vixen Mustang to try. I suction cupped the dil onto a nearby wall, and slowly backed my way onto the toy (with lots of lube and warm before hand, of course.) Eventually, I ended up getting the whole thing in and happily fucked my ass until I came.

Last month,  b-Vibe sent me another product in their line-up, the Triplet! An alternative to my Booty Beads, the Triplet is a remote controllable anal bead set. It has rumbling vibrators in each bead so that your ass is consistently being stimulated during play. My favourite aspect was that they weren’t too hard to get into my asshole. The silicone and wiring in-between the balls makes the toy sturdy enough to easily put into my butt, without slipping due to lube. The Triplet has replaced my Booty Beads as my go-to anal bead set.

And that’s my butt toys up until this point! I’m happy with the journey my ass has taken. It’s come a long way from its humble beginnings. I have some special plugs being sent my way at the moment, so you’ll have to wait a bit to see what this ass has been up to.

What’s your experience with anal sex toys? Any favourites or any on the hate list?

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This post was sponsored, but, as always, all opinions and writing are my own.

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  1. My favourite at the moment is the Icicles No 46 Glass Plug. It’s great for p-spot stimulation, although, I haven’t achieved an orgasm with it quite yet. Can’t wait to experience the journey my booty takes me on. Looking forward to the special plug reviews! Love the site!

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