August Wrap (it) Up: New Toys, Dommy Boys and Protests Ahoy

I’m not going to lie, August was one of the busiest months of the year for me so far, or, at least, the most stressful. At the beginning of the month, I, along with a cackle of other sex bloggers, took the pilgrimage to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. Shortly after I got home, I leapt right into packing for my move to Downtown Hamilton. My move took up a significant portion of my month, as I transported all of my stuff via public transit and Uber rides. Without any time to settle down or unpack, Welcome Week (my school’s version of Frosh Week) was upon me. As a faculty representative, I was in for long days and early mornings for a whole eight days; I’m surprised I even got one blog post out during that week!

August was so go-go-go that I almost decided not to do a wrap-up post due to forgetting much of the month. But, I managed to remember what my highlights were.

Sex Toys + Birth Control

At Woodhull, I was lucky enough to get to test one of my friend Epiphora’s coveted Mona 2s. Piph loves the Mona 2 so much that she travels with multiple of them, and when I tried it out I found out why. Despite Lelo being a shat company now, the Mona 2 is rumbly and deep vibrations. The toy feels like a happy medium the Magic Wand Rechargeable and the Tango. It’s broad but has a pointed tip, and nestles right between my labia. I loved it so much, one of my favourite followers purchased one for me off of my wishlist!! Now I own a Mona 2 of my very own.

Satisfyer, a company that makes clitoral suction toys, has become infamous for creating updates to their already good toys. They probably have over 10 different designs and editions of the same technology. I tried and loved the Pro Penguin late last year, so when I found out they made an updated version (with the colouring of an actual penguin, no less,) I had to have it! Satisfyer sent me their updated model, the Pro Penguin Next Gen and I love it! Stay tuned for an updated review!

Each year at Woodhull, blogger Luna of Ninja Sexology brings a whole bunch of misfit toys that she wants to re-home. And because Luna is a size queen, all these toys are usually peculiar and large. I was immediately drawn to the sunset coloured Cave Bear (medium) by Frisky Beast. It’s now the biggest dildo I own. I can’t get the whole toy inside me yet, but it’s given me some size goals of my own. Thanks, Luna! <3


As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I went to a thing called the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Washington, DC! You can read my recap post here!

Fascism is, unfortunately, alive and thriving in North America right now, as events like Charlottesville last month have demonstrated. In my own city of Hamilton, Ontario, we too have groups who push for racist and fascist practices and laws. Last month, a local protest group called Hamilton Against Fascism, put on a rally to show that we do not want neo-Nazis in our city. The march was powerful and made me motivated to work more to dismantle hate in HamOnt. This upcoming month, you can find me at a counter rally against a couple of Hamilton’s hate groups.


Two of my best friends, Kate and Bex, interviewed me for their podcast, the Dildorks! I got the chance to spill my thoughts on threesomes, unicorning and couple etiquette! Listen here!

My friend Vania wrote this amazing personal essay on hookup culture.

Femme Vibez

A couple months ago I ordered these two tees from GreenBoxShop. I finally got around to styling and wearing them!

Days before departing for Woodhull, I wanted to order some liquid lipsticks. It was going to be cheaper to ship them to my US hotel, so I decided to do a group order with a couple other femmes who were attending the con. Sarah, April and I placed an order from Coloured Raine, a POC-owned makeup company. I picked out the vibrant orange (and appropriately named) “Daddy’s Girl,” and the metallic “Red Dragon.” I’ve been wearing both constantly throughout the month

This look I wore on my last night at Woodhull:

It's my last night at @woodhullsfa so I'm pulling out #FatBarbie.

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While I did have some fun at Woodhull, most of my August had been a dry one for me. I was starting to get antsy about it too, with my craving for dick shooting through the roof. Luckily, my FWB and I had a spontaneous get together during the last week that made my wait worth it. I was at a party for my Welcome Week rep team, and I had to text him saying he should “come fall asleep in my pussy.” He arrived and walked into the party to find me hitting the bong with my friends. Once I saw he was there, we immediately started making out on the back deck in front of people. I decided we best get going, but once in the kitchen alone, he pushed me into the counter and started kissing me hard. Ooof. We eventually made our way to his car, and throughout the whole ride to myself, I couldn’t keep my hand off his cock. Once we got to my new place, we devoured each other in a blur of genitals and mouths. Good god, it felt amazing to suck a dick again.

What did you get up to this August?

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