Review: Tantus Echo Super Soft

echo super soft tantus

Dildos! Dildos! Dildos! The one type of sex toy that I do not have enough of, in my opinion. Compared to the other toys in my collection, my dil’ count is relatively low (how the hell do I have more butt toys??) So, in order to beef up my insertable pool, I’ve been requesting and accepting more phallic-esque objects to put inside me.

In addition to wanting more dildos, I wanted squishy dildos specifically. I’m not sure how, I’m not sure why, but my vag and my brain collectively decided that squish was what I was craving. AND it was perfect timing because Tantus had recently released their new Super Soft density toys! I was pumped. I saw that they made their popular Echo in their new material and eagerly requested one to review.

The first thing that drew me to the Echo Super Soft was its texture. The Echo Super Soft’s design looks like a dildo got caught in a panoramic photo gone wrong: it has multiple ridges which resemble the head being duplicated throughout the toy. One of the hottest parts having sex with a penis is the moment the head pops through my vaginal entrance. I deduced that more head-like-ridges on the Echo would equal a continuous ‘popping’ sensation. So I thought the design would be perfect for me! I was wrong.

I was very optimistic when I thought that the popping sensation would be replicated as the ridges were in the design of the toy. In reality, the toy doesn’t translate the popping sensation, as each ridge doesn’t stick out prominently from the base of the toy. If you look at the head of the Vixen Bandit, you’ll see that its head distinctively sticks out from the shaft. With the Echo Super Soft, the ridges are smoothly fused together, without a major inset to provide that popping feeling.

Not to say the Echo Super Soft is horrible though. It did have it’s enjoyable moments, like when my FWB laid me down and thrust it into me. That was fun. But have I picked it up since sitting down to reviewing it? Nadda. The texture feels great at peak moments of horniness (ie when I’m soaked from playing with other people,) but I’m quickly learning that my vag isn’t a big supporter of textured dildos. I love the ripples in my Fun Factory Stronic Drei, but it’s not meant for deep or aggressive trusting like the Echo Super Soft is.

In my opinion, the best part of this toy is it’s Super Soft silicone. If I had reviewed the Echo in its original silicone density, I wouldn’t have liked it at all. The ridges would have been way too hard for me to enjoy. The Super Soft silicone has a good bounce to it but doesn’t make the toy floppy. I wouldn’t say it’s the squishiest of the silicone dildos I own either, it’s more of a 4/5 on the softness scale. I love that Tantus is introducing new density options though, as most of their toys do fall on the harder side.

The Echo Super Soft was not the toy I was expecting and isn’t a dildo that I will be picking up regularly. I’m learning that my vagina isn’t into this type of rippling texture for deep thrusting and that the “popping” feeling I wanted could not be achieved. If you love texture than perhaps this dildo is something you should take a chance on, but for me, it’s a dildo that will most likely be collecting dust for awhile. My Tantus Adam O2 will be getting much more use.

Thanks to my friends over at Tantus for sending me this toy in exchange for my unbiased, honest review.

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