September Wrap (it) Up: Deliciousness & Resistance

In comparison to almost every other month this year, September has felt slow to me. It was a month of transition, with adjusting to returning to school and settling into a new house and neighbourhood. The month has been packed full of exciting events and even greater memories.

Sex Toys + Sexual Health

  • Good lord, the Penguin Satisfyer Pro Next Gen has taken over my clit. The sucking sensations are perfect in combination with a dildo, or just by themselves for a lazy masturbation (which I’ve been opting for more frequently this month.) I’ve been using it so much that I’ve actively have had to avoid it because my clit can start to hurt if I overuse it.
  • reminder to get PAP and STI status checkedI got both a PAP and an STI test this month! The STI test was just a routine exam to make sure I’m clean (I am!), and the PAP was a follow up from an abnormal test I had around six months ago! This is your reminder to go get checked and talk to your doctor about your sexual health!
  • While in pursuit of decorating #suzsdreambedroom (more on this below), I stumbled upon a vintage brass and glass planter holder. I needed immediately, but for a much more preventable purpose: displaying my artisanal and unique dildos.
  • I had a delicious phone sex conversation with a friend of mine and when he told me to start playing with myself, I choose the Vixen Bandit to imagine his dick inside me. After lots of dirty talk and thrusting, he told me to come which, in conjunction with the Bandit rubbing against my G-spot, made me squirt all over my Throe. I’ve never squirted from any phallic shaped insertables or dicks, so this was a new and exciting achievement for me.


  • Hamilton’s biggest event of the year, Supercrawl, is free 3-day arts and music festival at the start of September. I spent the weekend shopping at local makers booths (including some of my friends) and ate delicious Thai wraps. I got a press pass through my work and got to enjoy being front row at the Sam Roberts Band too! I love Supercrawl because it brings gives Hamilton’s art community a platform. Of course, Supercrawl is also seen as a beacon for gentrifiers, so it’s important to identify that marginalized communities are affected by the growing city.
  • Hamilton’s queer scene is showing signs of growth, and Biphoria is one of the events helping nurture the positive queer atmosphere in the city. Originally a Toronto event, Biphoria is an annual variety show featuring bisexual artists, musicians, and performers, and acts as an evening of visibility and resistance. As a bisexual person, I was incredibly eager to experience a bi-focused event, and the night exceeded my expectations. I got to sit in a room, surrounded by people who share similar queer struggles, and listen to stories of bi appreciation and battling biphobia. I must have teared up eight separate times at the moving performances. Biphoria gave Hamilton space it desperately needed for bisexual people, and I hope it continues to motivate this city’s queer landscape.
  • In other emotional events this month, the annual Take Back the Night march happened last Thursday evening. TBTN is a march for women and gender non-conforming folks to reclaim safety and to stand up against gender-based violence. As someone who was sexually assaulted last year, and who has been experiencing lots of catcalling recently, this event was very cathartic for me. Marching with fellow survivors and supporters showing the city that we will not put up with misogynistic, transphobic, ableist, and racist violence was incredibly empowering.

take back the night hamilton 2017

  • My friend Bex started an annual tradition last year, where a group of close friends are invited to an Airbnb, to hit them for each year they’ve been on the planet. I was lucky enough to be around for the first #BirthdayBruises last year, and this year eagerly attended again. Nothing like cake and spanking implements to make a Monday night exciting. You can read Bex’s full rundown in this guest post on Taryn’s blog.


  • One of my fave local cafe’s is staffed by a couple friends of mine, and one of them is a pretty savvy barista who can make dick latte art like nobody’s business. He made me this piece, and when he handed it to me, he said “Here, it’s a self-portrait.”


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  • I’ve found myself frequently re-reading this piece by Kate this month. I’ve been having some thoughts about what I need in regards to long term partnerships.

Femme Vibes

  • Supercrawl had some great vintage wares, including the return of the recently moved-to-Vancouver-store, New Olds. I picked up a gorgeous teal satin shirt, which makes me feel like a super sexy secretary when I pair it with my glasses.
  • safer gigs hamilton sweaterMy buddies Jess and Vince recently started a non-profit called Safer Gigs Hamilton. SGH works to make music events in the city more safe by providing free resources for overdoses, sexual assault, and mental health emergencies. Jessie made embroidered sweaters to sell to raise money for drug testing kits and fentanyl test strips, which I just had to purchase cause they came in adorable colours. The sweaters are cosy and support a good cause.
  • In an attempt to get my life organized, I purchased a beautiful holographic planner from Bando. Pretty things motivate me, so it was only fitting that this would become my agenda.
  • Since moving in, I’ve been working on creating my perfect design and layout of my bedroom. Three of my walls are painted white, with the accent wall being a dusty baby pink colour. I’ve been gathering vintage finds, Ikea furniture and local art, all in the pursuit of what I’ve dubbed #suzsdreambedroom. Of course, sex and sex toys are influencing the usability of the space. I’ll eventually be writing a post about this, but you can follow along on Twitter and IG for behind the scenes happenings.


  • I’ve been going on a lot of normal first dates recently, to pass the time and to try to add some names to the roster. Some have been great and resulted in roof-top kisses, others not so much. It’s been fun meeting lots of new people
  • I got to play with my FWB’s dick a lot this month, which has made me very happy and satisfied. We had an impromptu wine date which ended in him fucking me into the couch while my hands were handcuffed behind me. It was my first time using the cuffs since buying them in JANUARY; luckily we broke them in well. Last week, more fun was had when I asked him if I could take some videos of me sucking his dick for my sexy Snapchat. He eagerly accepted and we made some deliciously smutty BJ porn. I can’t enough of his lips, tongue and cock.
  • Apparently, there’s a flirty surge in my atmosphere, cause I’ve been getting hit on in all my dm’s recently! There are a couple cute people, locally and internationally, who I eventually hope to bang.

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