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Back in December, I reviewed the Pro Penguin, one of Satisfyer’s many clitoral sucking toys. I went into the review expecting to gain nothing out of it, but, to my surprise, I gained a new favourite toy. The subtle, sucking technique of the air pulsator tech made me feel like I was actually experiencing the BEST oral sex ever. So much that so that whenever I choose to masturbate with the Pro Penguin, I’m guaranteeing myself a strong orgasm. The device was quickly becoming one of my most prized toys of 2017 until I received the updated version, the Pro Penguin Next Gen.

Satisfyer has been updating their toys so quickly that most sex bloggers vulva’s haven’t kept up, especially since most of the sucking toys on the market feel so similar. I was offered some other models of the Next Gen line, but I decided to stick the with Pro Penguin again. This way, it would be the easier for me to compare my experiences, and to see if the updated version actually had any worthy improvements (which I was sceptical about.)

Surprisingly enough, after receiving and testing the Pro Penguin Next Gen, I found that Satisfyer actually managed to fix the only major flaw it’s previous iteration had and make the toy even better than it was before. Here are the most significant changes Satisfyer made to the Pro Penguin Next Gen that is making me recommend it over the original.

The Two Buttons

Another added feature was a second control button. On the original, if I accidentally skip a speed I am digging, I need to rotate through all the higher options to get to one I need. While this isn’t a make-it-or-break-it problem for me, it does interrupt the good-clit-feelings, as I need to pull the toy away from my body to change speeds. With the addition of a separate button on the Next Gen, I can scroll through speeds like channels on a TV remote, going back and forth as I please.

silicone nubs

The Silicone Tip

Each of the Satisfyer products has nozzle opening, where the air pulsations are pushed through to get to customer’s genitals. It comes with a soft silicone part that rests against the clit, which can be removed for easy cleaning. The silicone piece on the original Pro Penguin was the only flawed part of the entire toy; it would easily slip out of the nozzle and get lost between my sheets or somewhere in my apartment. Luckily, the silicone tip was always been found, but that won’t be the case for all people trying the toy, and Satisfyer doesn’t sell replacement pieces!!

I was elated to find that the Pro Penguin Next Gen’s silicone part was updated to include a ridge to keep it from popping out of the nozzle! I didn’t even notice the addition until I went to clean it after a couple days of use. I tried to pull out the tip and wondered if they had glued it in to fix the problem, but as I continued to pull on it with my nails, it popped out and I found the silicone ridge which was holding it sturdily in place. It makes such a difference and hasn’t gone missing at all! I can even use it as a replacement if I ever lose the one from my original.

The Adorable Design

The most noticeable difference between the original and the Pro Penguin Next Gen is the colouring! Satisfyer decided to step it up a notch and go full aquatic bird by changing the silicone exterior to black and white. They even added a removable silicone bowtie to hammer home the message that the toy is indeed a penguin. While most users might not find the penguin look of the toy particularly appealing, as a toy collector I enjoy the unconventional approach to sex toy design.

The new silicone tip and the enhanced button controls make this an absolute win for me. Kudos to Satisfyer for managing to make the Pro Penguin Next Gen update worthwhile to new and old buyers alike. I highly recommend this toy over the last, although I’m still happy the original came into my life.

Thanks to Satisfyer for sending me the Pro Penguin Next Gen in exchange for my honest review! You can buy the Pro Penguin Next Gen at SheVibe (55.99) and Peepshow Toys (54.99).

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