Indie Body Positive Lingerie Brands I Need On My Body 👙

plus size model redhead pink by pool
Modelling a piece from Bettie Fatal’s collection.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of lace when it perfectly runs along my curves, or when strappy designs compliment my dimensions. Anytime I slip into something sexy for a date to arrive, or just for taking some fire selfies, I feel immediately empowered by wearing lingerie.

My love of sultry nightwear doesn’t come easy though. The power to feel feminine and seductive through lingerie is not available to everyone, due to income, and, significantly, size availability. Fancy lingerie stores won’t go past an XL, indie brands (who you really want to support) end at a large, even cheaper mainstream lingerie brands, like LaSenza, don’t cater to bigger bodies. So one of the most “empowering” industries for women*, purposefully erases bigger bodies from their picture, because “it’s not okay” for bigger people to feel sexy about themselves. This erasure leaves plus size femmes left with little to no options and has us paying a premium on the brands that do make fat lingerie.

In a time where body positivity is on trend, luckily, there have been brands to rise to the challenge of providing pretty underthings for plus size babes, but also who participate in inclusivity on other levels as well. Here are a handful of small businesses who promote the message that all bodies are good bodies by not gendering their marketing, showcasing models of all races, and deciding not to edit their model’s bodies.

While some of these brands do air on the expensive side, they are priced very fairly for the quality of the garments, the work that goes into making them and the money goes towards good-hearted, indie creators.

Alexandrea Anissa

Dreamy, badass, feminine and powerful: that’s what Alexandrea Anissa’s brand has stitched into every piece of lingerie created. I’ve been obsessing over both the edgy, romantic Valentine set and the more casual, summery, Cassia Ruffled set for a really long time now. Literally, everything the owner, Vanessa, creates I need asap. While her designs are on the pricey side, I think they are completely worth it for her detailed craftsmanship and empowering designs. Alexandrea Anissa’ sizes can range up to a 5X*, which is completely uncommon in the indie lingerie industry.

Bettie Fatal

Inclusivity and diversity are literally written into Bettie Fatal’s mission statement. I’ve talked about this brand before, as I’ve modelled for them back in July. Avery, the sole owner and operator of Bettie Fatal, infuses her femme fatale designs with body positivity and intersectional feminism. Her models not only adorn her fabulous pieces but also represent a variety of gender identities and races.  Bettie Fatal’s pieces are also very fairly priced, with the majority of her pieces falling around $50 CAD. Avery’s summer collection is on sale right now, so go support this budding Canadian bombshell.

Hopeless Lingerie

Hopeless Lingerie describes themselves as “dark, romantic and modern” which accurately represent their unique flavour of fashion. Their sizes go up to an XXL, but custom sizing can be arranged as all garments are made in-house. Hopeless Lingerie’s collections range from basic cotton pieces to complex strappy bodysuits and nighties. The brand also offers accessories like suspenders, harnesses and even adorable chokers. I think someone should buy me the Madeleine Nightie tbh.

Neon Moon

Neon Moon is the cream of the crop when it comes to fully inclusive lingerie. The indie company’s diverse staff, gender-neutral brand and unique sizing chart make it stand out against the current market. Their styles are casual and comfortable, yet impactful in visual appeal. I’ve been waiting for the MONA Polka Dot Knicker to get restocked in the size Beautiful/Fabulous so I can put in an order along with the Non Bra. Neon Moon’s products are made from family-run factories in ethical working environments too, which shows their commitment to a fully intersectional feminist business approach.Plus, their styles go up to a 6XL!

Not Saved Lingerie

Not Saved Lingerie caught my eye a year or two ago when I discovered their Heart Cutout knickers. It’s an absolute tragedy that I haven’t experienced a pair on my body yet; they’re perfect for accentuating any ass shape. Not Saved’s Instagram account is full of untouched photos of femme babes in a diversity of shapes and sizes. Their largest size is an XXL, and while that’s not as inclusive as it should be, it’s great that they offer some larger sizes as a smaller brand.

Brb going lingerie shopping…

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