Review: Real Nude Dayo by Blush Novelties 💯

real nude dayo dildo blush novelties

CN: This review is pretty smutty and involves depictions of phone sex with a daddy dom (roleplay) person. If any of that is triggering for you, feel free to opt out of reading this one!

“Go get one of your toys.”

My long-distance, phone sex Daddy didn’t have to tell me twice. I immediately jump out of bed, approach my shoe hanger filled with toys, and momentarily pause at the overwhelming amount of options I have. “What kind of toy are you choosing tonight Little Spoon? One of your new ones?” he coos in my ear through the speaker. I tell him, “a dildo,” of course. His soft dominance and masculine energy always have me withering to be fucked after thirty minutes or so of flirting and catching up.

Normally, I would be choosing my Vixen Bandit; while having phone sex, I tend to gravitate towards dildos that represent the person on the other side of the line. My Big Spoon is a big bear of a man, but with all the cuddliness of a stuffed animal. The Bandit was perfect for being his cock because of its plush outer layer in harmonious combination with how hard it can fuck me. Not to mention it’s size. Tonight was different though, I had gotten shipments from SheVibe and Hole Punch Toys. Since my favourite way to use dildos is with partners telling me to use them, I had to get some testing in while playing on the phone.

real nude dayo dildo blush noveltiesI ran my hands over the Helio, the Dayo and the Chewie, squishing them as I went along the line. Each toy has its own unique points of interest, but tonight I was looking for a cock to match the presence whispering dirty things in my ear. But who was I kidding, I knew immediately that only one that could appropriately fill my needs was the Dayo, a big dual-density silicone dildo made by Blush Novelties. Earlier in the day, the Dayo had surprised me out of the box with its size; I’m terrible at checking dimensions on toys before choosing them. I didn’t mind though, it was deliciously similar in size and shape to my Bandit, which provided me with increased intrigue.

I climb into bed, my phone in one hand pressed against my ear, and the Dayo in the other. Laying down, I bring my Daddy’s silicone cock to rub against my clit and wait for him to give the signal to slip it inside me. I ask him for permission for his cock, which he graciously gives, and I slowly pop the Dayo’s head inside of me. With each thrust, I take the toy deeper, and damn does it feel good. If hadn’t had chosen it myself, I would have sworn it was the Bandit making me moan. With the help of my international beaux telling me to come for him as I drummed the Dayo into my G-spot, I squirt all over my bed, making my Throe soaked enough to leave a spot on my sheets.

After saying goodnight to my Big Spoon, I incoherently jot down some thoughts on my Keep app before crashing into a deep and well-earned sleep. This is what I find when I wake up the next day:

real nude dayo

Let’s discuss.

1. Fuck yes. The Dayo feels amazing, and not just because of my heart-throbbing, vulva-soaking experience using it for the first time. I’ve used the dildo many times within the last week since receiving it (with and without a dommy voice commanding me) and it delivers every time.

2. Bandit but different?? The Vixen Bandit is one of my all-time favourite dildos, and I’ve mentioned it so much in this review because the toys are pretty similar. The Bandit and the Dayo are both dual density, have seven insertable inches and have decently prominent glans and perineal raphes. Despite feeling the same though, there are a few differences, which don’t really affect the user experience in my opinion.

  • Texture: The Dayo has a smooth, silky finish, and the Bandit has a sticky finish which has drag to it.
  • Feel: The Dayo has a thinner squishy silicone outer layer than the Bandit does.
  • Shape: The Dayo’s shape points out more straight than the Bandit (which has a subtle upwards curve to its shaft.) The Dayo’s balls are more prominent and squishy, while the Bandits are flat and sturdy. Unlike the Bandit, the Dayo doesn’t have a urethra hole, prominent veins or a pulled-down-foreskin appearance.

3.   ?. The Dayo makes me feel like ? emoji.

The Dayo is the perfect fit for my big cock needs, whether I’m talking to a big-dicked (and big-hearted) dominant on the phone or if I’m masturbating solo. Clearly, I highly recommend it for those who want to play with a realistic feeling and looking silicone dildo. And as if the toy couldn’t continue to surprise me, SheVibe carries it for a shockingly low price of $40 USD ($50 CAD). That’s right, forty fucking dollars for a big realistic dual-density dildo. I’m honoured to have this cock represent the man who orders me to come all over it.

Thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Dayo in exchange for my honest opinions and review! You can purchase the Real Nude Dayo at SheVibe for $40 USD ($50 CAD.)

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